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Traveling in India as a tourist is very exciting and not extremely hard – the country offers many options to travel, to stay and to dine in different levels of luxury. But still I experienced that traveling doesn’t always reflect the countries everyday life. 

When you sightsee in cities of Rajasthan, you will see the touristic highlights (palaces, squares, parks and monuments) and won’t always see the everyday life. When you dine, you most probably eat in a restaurant where most Indian people don’t come regularly. When you travel, you may travel by taxi, in separate cars, train coaches or buses for tourists. 

Traveling in India

Don’t get me wrong – it’s good you travel in India, and safety is most important – but experience-wise the country has more to offer, as many countries actually. And here’s where I find the ultimate mix of experiences: travel & volunteer short term. Travel like a tourist, while including as many local experiences as possible – such as cooking classes, local guided tours, bike tours and visits to street markets – but also add the real life experience with volunteering. This way you will be able to maximize your experience of countries such as India – and I can assure you’ll like it!

To volunteer in a place like India, it will give you insights in life behind the beautiful streets. It gives you the experience of reality in India, from day to day. Plus, to volunteer and help out in a country such as India, means REALLY making a difference. You are able to add a sparkle to someone’s day, to give a helping hand where needed and be the answer to some of their questions.

Volunteering experience

With a voluntary activity, you may be able to experience how they wake up, how they go to school, where they work, how they eat, where they get their groceries and cook, what their food tastes like, how they play and how they learn, how families live together and what challenges their everyday life has for them. 

Volunteering gives you a perfect understanding of life in India for people who are born & raised in this country. It gives you more perspective and better insights of the differences with your life. Those experience are the most precious you can take home. These things you won’t be able to fully understand by just visiting the highlights of each city. 

Therefore, to experience real India to the fullest: travel and volunteer!

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