Sometimes it might be somewhat unclear what bloggers do to fill their days, next to writing and inspiring. It’s unclear for me as well with many people I follow, but for myself it’s very clear. Therefore, I’d like to give you an inside in my corporate work for The Sunshine Journey. Because, next to volunteering for myself and supporting charities with my love, I work as a consultant. I help companies to find the right match with a charity.

Also from the business side, you see the growing wishes and needs to give back and to do something responsible for society and the world around us.

My consulting work:

As a consultant I work freelance with companies who like to support a charity as part of Corporate & Social Responsibility (in short their CSR-program). From the business side, you see the growing wishes and needs to give back, to do something responsible for the world Many companies are already improving their supply chains and making huge steps in sustainability. I am a big fan of all improvements, big or small. But simply I love it when business meets charity and that’s where I step in.

As a consultant I analyse the company and the wishes and needs for a charity. What does the company stand for? What is their core value and does the charity fit these values? It’s important to find a sincere match with business and charity, as the value of trust worth and sustainable partnerships are important these days. Supporting a good cause that’s close to their day-to-day business as well as their message to the world, will help both the company and the charity in the long run.


The big challenge and biggest result comes from finding the right match. Non-profits and businesses have very different concerns and it’s my honor to find a way to maximize benefits for both parties. Find a way to make it work for the both of them. It’s such a cool challenge and there are so many opportunities to partner up, grow together and to build a long-term relationship.

The work I deliver:

The company I consult for, will be presented a plan with options for charities to partner up with, chosen especially for them. The presentation may includes a year plan of collaboration initiatives, a marketing plan or even the option to have it fully unrolled and carried out by me. I can do a lot but also simply consult an advice for a charity to match with or carrying out a collaboration physically.

I aim for a win-win-win situation in which the company, the charity and the charities target audience or purpose benefits. Only if I create that situation, I am happy with the results.

Who I work with:

I work mostly with lifestyle and fashion brands, as fashion and retailing is my background. But I am always happy to make side-steps to different industries and learn a lot along the way. currently, I work for a super interesting organization that develops systems that provides clean drinking water in developing areas of the world!

Interested to see what I can do for your company? Send me a short mail and I’ll get back to you shortly. Looking forward to get in touch!