Let’s take action today!
Start a Charity walk or run:

Organize a charity walk or run where employees of the company can participate. Please encourage them to bring family and friends and collect donations. It’s even more fun together! And if you make your employees register their steps or pace, you can add the competition element to it.

Pub Quiz:

Make it an event for fun, with employees or customers and drinks/bites while you host an interesting quiz. It can be about facts, music, the company or brand, everything🙌🏻 Ask all participants to pay an entrance fee and donate that to your favorite charity. Maybe offer a small price for the winner. Make it a digital pub quiz if necessary, with tools such as Kahoot!

Organize a Bake Sale:

Hold a bake sale where employees can bring homemade baked goods to sell to colleagues and customers. The proceeds can be donated to charity.

Set up a Charity Auction:

Host an auction of donated items, samples, unique office furniture, or services by employees and local businesses. Invite employees and customers to bid and raise funds for the chosen (partner) charity. It can also be a tombola or bingo if you’d like to add a gaming element to it.

Dress-down day:

This idea is mainly for formal or corporate organizations. Organize a dress-down day where employees can wear casual clothes for the day in exchange for a donation to charity. You can exchange the dress-down for a theme as well.

Company Concert or Festival:

Do you know musicians, people in a band, or crazy good performers? Find a venue (or a garden) and host an intimate concert or festival. Order a food truck and make it easy. Opt for the guests to donate during the festival or with their entrance ticket.

Social Media Fundraiser:

Use social media to encourage people to donate to a chosen charity. Share stories, images, or videos about the charity’s work and encourage followers to donate. You can add special donate buttons on your social media to make it a one-click to donate.

What will be the next activity you will organize with your company to raise funds for charity?

If you wish to take action yourself for a charity, please find my tips here.