Reasons to buy more vintage and where to get the treasures

With my love for fashion, I tent to watch brands and retailers in every move they make and checking every collection they bring out. I really love it! The development, the movement, the individuality: it’s what makes my heart pounds.

But lately, I also feel jaded sometimes by the mass appeal and widely available ‘Instagram trends’ in stores. These trends tend to leave you craving for more. To avoid that, I feel the need to search for more basics and unique pieces. And my best finds lately are vintage.

Why vintage finds are the good idea

1. Throwback designs are super on trend
2. It’s generally more affordable and unique
3. Sustainability

1.The first point is something that becomes more clear when you get older I guess, but most trends are a repetition of the past. Fashion trends tent to reach back in time, continuously developing side-to-side with current movements in society. It’s an interesting fact to see and recognize trends from the past. Did you know most brands build their collections from inspiring vintage finds? Further down I describe the latest trends to look for in vintage.

2.These two points are a perfect combination if you ask me. I always try to find unique pieces to express my personality and I love a little bargain. Vintage can definitely bring you the ultimate mix.

3. This may be obvious – but it is also becoming a value that is more and more important to many of us including me. And vintage has it all. Giving pieces a second-life or an second-chance is a 100% sustainable option.

Trends to find vintage:

  1. Flower dresses
  2. Rotan bags and fanny packs
  3. Hair clips
  4. Cowboy boots
  5. Linen items such as dresses & tops
  6. Color-shaded sunglasses
  7. Body tops
  8. Small silky scarves
  9. Checked items (blazers, pants, skirts)
  10. Button-down items (including big buttons!
  11. Oversized blazers (check the mens section)
  12. Dungarees
  13. Corduroy – items
  14. Unique jewelry (rings and necklaces)
  15. Cat-eye sunglasses in black or white
  16. Vintage sneakers – retro style
  17. Leather jackets
  18. LEVI’S

My best tip to shop vintage on a budget:

Browse through the assortments of vintage stores such as Episode, Marbles Vintage or go to the Noordermarkt on Mondays to watch trends and pick up ideas of your favorite vintage items. Then visit your ordinary thrift store or flea-market to hunt for treasures. You will definitely find some on-trend items for little prices and this hunt will keep you busy more than one afternoon – which I think is fun. Finding that favorite item for less is the ultimate goal this season! Hunt for treasures. You will definitely find some on-trend items for little prices and this hunt will keep you busy more than one afternoon – which I think is fun. Finding that favorite item for less is the ultimate goal this season!

Looking for the ultimate bargain in vintage?

Become a pro in sewing. This way you can hunt for not-so-perfect or even broken pieces with high discounted prices, enabling you to turn them into perfect pieces. With a needle and thread, you may turn a long dress into a skirt or a dressed pant into a formal short. Or even a sissor can do the trick sometimes (Levi’s shorts are the perfect example!) Make sure you check items on holes, stains and missing parts such as buttons or belts.

Where to go for the best vintage finds


Ebay – tends to be the best worldwide marketplace where vintage can be sourced from everywhere. It may take some time to browse through all the options, but you may find a uniques piece for a good price. Remember Sophia Amoruso and her Nastygal? It started on eBay! Many Levi-shorts here at the moment.

Marktplaats – The Dutch version of eBay, which works with the same principle. I personally thought Marktplaats was a bit overwhelmed, but I hear many people still getting their good vintage finds on Marktplaats. I know a girl who sourced her perfect vintage wedding dress through MP. It’s easy and sometimes you can even try things or pick them up personally. In Sweden I used – works the same way.

Etsy – Etsy is the online webshop for small business in general. Some are very creative business (which I love) but there are also small business owners offering unique vintage pieces. To order from Etsy is very easy! My tip: have a look at the vintage Jewelry section.

United Wardrobe (NL/BE/DE/FR) and Tise (Scandinavian): These two platforms are fairly new and focus only on selling fashion items. Most items are new and a bad buy, but I found some fashionable vintage items here too. Both websites offer quick buy-and-delivery, work with an App and have cool Instagram accounts to inspire you. Some influencers offer their garments on these platforms too.

ASOS Marketplace – ASOS Marketplace can be compared with a fashionable eBay on the ASOS platform. Most items are offered by small entrepreneurs and some offer vintage. I personally think the Marketplace is still small and the offers are very urban for me – but the marketplace has some good offers.

Farfetch – If you strive for designer vintage finds, have a look at international webshop Farfetch. They offer Chanel, Gucci but also Nike and all in very good shape. I personally love their shoes and bags.

designer-vintage – Designer Vintage offers luxury vintage items and they claim to have the best deals in the market. A beautiful and easy webshop with a good offer. Designer Vintage but with the option to buy pre-owned designer items from well-known sellers such as stylists, actrices, models and influencers. This way you can really cath the item you’ve been seeing and longing to get.

Marbles Vintage has a great vibe

Stores – Amsterdam based

Designer vintage :

  • By Dani Vintage Store – Dani Bles’ store in Amsterdam South, full of vintage styles, unique pieces and mixed with designer items.
  • Etoile – l’Étoile de Saint Honoré offers luxury vintage in multiple stores as well as online. Their stores (three) are in the city center of Amsterdam. Etoile offers the most beautiful it-bags vintage. But also wallets, scarves, and other accessories. If you ever have a moment to treat yourself, visit Etoile. Favorite brands: Chanel, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. Inspiring Instagram account as well!
  • La Doyenne vintage – This vintage store, nearby the Rijksmuseum, offers high-end vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. Most items are from brands such as Hermes, Gucci and MiuMiu.

Vintage Stores

  • Episode – International vintage store – based in The Netherlands, Copenhagen, Paris, Belgium. Their assortment is really complete – no way you can’t find anything – and they always have the best shoes and accessories. Episode offers it’s collections in Amsterdam on four locations.
  • Zipper – all styles from 1950’s and beyond. Has a very relaxed style and lots of accessories. Manages to also recycle clothes to make own designs under their label Ultra-Zipper and organizes Zipper Kilo Sales.
  • Laura Dols – Specializing in fancy vintage party styles and evening dresses. This is a girls heaven on earth. Many sequins, petticoats and beaded bags. Go here if you need something for a special occasion.
  • Marbles Vintage – A good vintage collection offered in two stores in Amsterdam. they are focussing on-trends with their selection.
  • Bij ons vintage – Vintage store in the beautiful nine streets with a huge affordable assortment.
  • We Are Vintage – My personal favorite around the corner of my house! Kinkerbuurt.
  • Rumors Vintage – Haarlemmerstraat – great vibe in this bright store and good treasures for both men and women.
  • Jutka & Riska – The perfect mix of vintage and private label. All items are unique AND cool.
Rumors offers good options in Linen and flower dresses + the perfect summer skirt

Thrift Stores and Markets

The ultimate stroll in search for good prices

  • Waterlooplein – Small stores on a daily market in Amsterdam Centre filled with vintage finds. Prices are a bit higher then on a regular flea market but better than in stores.
  • Noordermarkt – on Monday mornings, The Noordermarkt is filled with vintage sellers. And some offer very good quality vintage for a good price. Most sellers have a keen eye for trends, so you’ll find trending items in an early stage here.
  • Ij-hallen – a two-weekly event on the NDSM in Amsterdam North where people sell everything, but clothing and shoes are the best-represented category on this flea-market. There is a lot to find here! Prices are low and by the end of the day, people just like to get rid of stuff. You can stroll on the Ij-Hallen a whole day.
  • Rataplan – A thrift store in The Netherlands with three locations in Amsterdam. Offers a lot, so you can browse through many racks in search of the perfect item. Prices are good here and items presented professionally.
Jutka & Riska has a good offer of unique accessories

Vintage per kilo

An iteresting concept to buy vintage per kilo -you’ll need to have a lucky shot, but sometimes it feels like winning the lottery.

Options in Amsterdam: – Kilo ShopKilo/SaleVintage per Kilo 


More and more companies open up option to borrow clothes for occasions. Some of these fashion library offer vintage styles as well. This way you can try out some vintage items without directly having to buy it. Maybe you like to figure out whether you like vintage in general.

Some vintage tips to shop abroad:

  • Beyond Retro – This international vintage company, originally from the UK, can be found in the UK and Sweden – but online as well. They have such a wide range of vintage (inspired) items, you can renew your whole wardrobe here.
  • Episode – International vintage store – based in The Netherlands but also in Copenhagen, Paris and Belgium.
  • Haight Street in San Fransisco is full of cool vintage stores. Really worth a visit!
  • London  Portobello Road Market (every Saturday): this ambiance is already so special and there’s great finds.
  • In London, I also like the Old Spitalfields Market a lot.
  • In NY, you can find the Brooklyn Flea Market on Saturdays in Williamsburg. A really nice place to shop vintage clothes and jewelry. Great vibe here.

Hope to inspire you to find your next favorite item vintage!