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Verse is a fairly new concept store with a huge worldwide online store as well as a physical store concept in Amsterdam, positioned on two locations.

Their slogan? Do Good. Feel good. – Love that!

It’s all about feeling good and buying conscious at Verse. Their collection is Sandinavian inspired with lots of Scandic brands

The vision of Verse: They scour the world to gather the finest, smartest, caring – ist brands in ethical fashion, clean beauty and local goods because everyone wants things worth having. Sustainable fashion and style is what we all want to achieve.

Verse is focussing on multiple concepts when it comes to sustainable fashion:

  1. Natural Fibres  – Materials such as Organic Cotton, Linen, EcoVero, Tencel, Organic Denim
  2. Recycled –  working with fibres such as PET bottles, Recyled Leather, EcoNyl
  3. Vegan – Vegan products are strictly Cruelty Free, Leather Free, Natural Fibres 
  4. Local – To establish a low Carbon Footprint, Verse makes sure to support Local Businesses – offering lots of local produced items.
  5. Fair Trade – Their fair trade products are made with good Labour Conditions and a fair pay of the Supply Chain and the vendor.

Brands they offer at Verse include VEJA / Rita Row / Kings of Indigo / Armed Angels / Swedish Stockings / Frisur / Colorful Standard / Woodlot / The Bamboo Brush Society / Boy Smells / LO Amsterdam / Bon Parfumeur / YONI / Cime / Steamery Stockholm / Dopper / Mat & Natt

I personally love the phylosophy and the brands they offer at VERSE. Many of them I recommend you to try and shop for! Have a look at their online web-store and get surprised by the fashionable and cool things they offer!

Will you stop by any time soon?

Prinsengracht 581 / Gerard Doustraat 84H – Amsterdam

Have a happy weekend! X E