Dear Sunshines,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you a short update on The Sunshine Journey Shop, as the store will temporarily be closed.

The shop is build of beautiful products, locally purchased from around the world and sold from the base of The Sunshine Journey: Amsterdam. The shop will be updated with new collections and products after every travel. And it has been a great success from the start! We sold so many bracelets and were able to donate a lot of money to the first charity of support (Streetchildren of Kanthmandu).

As of today, I’ll be living temporarily in Stockholm during the pandemic, which makes it tough to travel as well as to ship from our home base Amsterdam.

Therefore, until a new journey is planned, the Shop will just be closed just temporarily.

Instead, you will find more travel stories, VLOGS and updates of life in the North on The Sunshine Journey.

Hope you understand:) XOXO Eva