Gosh, please pinch me whether this happened or not. It feels so surreal, but I’ve moved to Stockholm.

This quiet impulsive move has actually been a consideration for a while though, and it seemed everything fell into place in this plan and therefore I dared to do it. So here we are, The Sunshine Journey in Stockholm, enabling myself to explore, to travel, to grow and to VOLUNTEER here. Can’t wait to show and tell you much more about this adventure.

To start off, below my 1st video that shows a quick overview of the move in JAN – FEB ’21 during COVID-19. I moved out of my apartment, flew from Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Arlanda (Stockholm), moved into my apartment in Södermalm, went sight-seeing through the city and met up with friends.

The Sunshine Journey on the move from Amsterdam-West to Södermalm, Stockholm! “Jag mår bra nu” means “I’m doing great now” in Swedish and couldn’t describe my feeling better about this move! Song by Molly Sandén feat. Newkid

A warm hug from a cold Stockholm to all of you, dear Sunshines! XOXO

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