What is a better way to explore the city then by doing good?

My visit in Antigua, Guatemala, started by meeting Keri from the organization Unidos Para Los Animales. Keri and I have had contact by mail before I arrived in Guatemala.

Me and Keri met in a park in Antigua

She made it possible for us to meet two lovely pups – Rascal and Matcha.

Rascal & Matcha

Aren’t they adorable?

Rascal is a 4-5 month old pup, found laying under a car. Matcha is a 2-3 month pup who got dumped in front of a foster home in a tiny box. The volunteers of UPLA are like angels as they took care of them when they found them.

We walked through wonderful streets with the dogs, visited beautiful parks and explored the city of Antigua together. It was so much fun as the pups are lovely company and really enjoying their walks into town.

The lovely additional thing of walking with pups, is all the people on the streets who come up to talk to you and pet the pups. Especially local families with children kept coming to us which made it really special.

Next to enjoying their walks, we made sure the dogs got more used to sounds, smells and movements in town. As an organization, Unidos Para Los Animales prefers to train and socialize the dogs as much as possible before they go to their new families.

Keri and I got in touch by email and she is a lovely volunteer for the organization. She works for Unidos Para Los Animales in Antigua, which takes care of a lot of street dogs and cats.  Because streetdogs and cats are a big issue in Guatemala. The organization I worked with is based upon volunteers, foster families and donations. They work together with US based organization Guatemala United for Animals and Dutch organization WOOF-Guatemala to raise money and awareness for the organization.

All pups are taken care off so well, they get food, drinks, trainings, vaccines and they offer monthly sterilization in the clinic. They do lovely work and the pups were so kind and sweet to us, as well as to all passersby. Rascal especially looked after Matcha a lot, which was just soo sweet! At a certain point we had to carry Matcha for a bit and Rascal got all upset, not knowing where his little buddy went. Oh I love the caring side of animals so much!

We took care of the pups for three hours, pet them, gave them love and attention, gave them candy and sticks and we donated multiple leashes and toys to the organization.

I would definitely recommend you to check for an organization such as UPLA on your next vacay or holiday destination. I’ve never explored the city in a more lovely way.

I cannot help but love the pups after my three hours spent and would love to bring them home. Can you agree?

Here you can find info about Unidos Para Los Animales in La Antigua, Guatemala

If you have any questions about volunteering anywhere or Guatemala specifically, don’t hesitate to leave a message below:)


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