Chitwan National Park in Nepal is one of the prettiest and unique jungles in Asia. To go on safari here is exciting, special and authentic. You can do a walking safari, jeep safari or boat safari (more about these experiences here). Safari in this part of Nepal is a must do! The area of Chitwan National Park is known to be humid and warm, yet it can turn cold at night. You are advised to be very protective of mosquitos and insects. In this post i’ll share the ultimate essentials for safari in Chitwan.

  1. A pair of sunglasses or a cap to protect you from the sun.
  2. Photo camera and/or video camera to capture it all
  3. A telescope or binocular, to see animals further away
  4. Headwear (a cap or a head will protect you from sun, mosquitoes, spiders falling from trees, bird poop or tree-scratches)
  5. Sunscreen: especially take care of your head, face, neck and arms
  6. Deet to protect you from insect bites
  7. A small emergency kit to take care if anything would happen (think of bandits, pincet, iodine etc)
  8. Good and protective clothes you can move easily in and feel comfortable
  9. Sturdy and comfortable shoes
  10. Something warm for the colder mornings and chilly evenings. Think of a light down-jacket, a scarf and possibly thin gloves.

People may underestimate the essence of good gear, but it protects your health and therefore increases your experience: joy, excitement and wonder! There is no time to feel worried about danger or spending time adding deet on your body – you may miss a glimpse of a Sloth Bear passing by. 

My favorite gear during safari

My Nosilife gear of Craghoppers made me feel confident to stay out all day, knowing mosquitos and insects won’t be easily finding their way, as the insect-protection treatment will be able to reduce bites by up to 90%.

The shirt (Adventure IILS Shirt in Seashell Pink) and pants (Pro II trousers in Mushroom) are super light and therefore comfortable to wear and to move in. Both fabrics are breathable and stretchy, but also kept me warm enough in the early morning and at night. Both items protect me from harmful UV rays and come with multiple safe and useful add-ons. I loved the small add-on which makes it possible to clean my sunglasses and camera lenses throughout the day!

During the safari I went out of the jeep multiple times and I felt confident and safe enough to do so with my sturdy and comfortable Jacara Shoes. This light colored, aquadry and insect repellent footwear fit as good as comfortable sneakers, but with the protective add on we need in the jungle.

With this outfit, no way any bugs or insects were able to get me and I could enjoy Chitwan as I wanted too. That is my personal essential for safari in Chitwan National Park.

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