Goodmorning dear followers!

I have a keen eye for fashion and business. And I love an entrepreneurial idea and mindset. It gives me so much energy when I can dream, think, discuss or work on these things. I was only 21 when I ran my first t-shirt company and it’s always been a dream to build up my own fashion ocmpany.

But the past two years my mindset has shifted to a new form of business. In my opinion, there is too much going on in the world to just think of business and fashion as we know it. The real entrepreneurial businesses these days are successful in adding value, in changing the world, in sustainability and in sharing. These days, the world needs more conscious entrepreneurs who choose earth, its inhabitats and sustainability over profits.

The most successful entrepreneurs, with a bright future ahead, are the ones that not only do business, but bring value to the world. These successful businesses make a change for the better, they give back. That, in my opinion, is a true success these days.

These successes are sustainable for the future and the world believes in them. Think of the sharing economy with Airbnb, Swapbike, Snappcar and fashion libraries popping up. Brands that give back such as Toms, Wado and Patagonia. Companies that find innovative ideas to solve today’s problems, such as the Ocean Clean-Up of Boyan Slat or Dopper. Innovative thinking with incredible and valuable effects.

Because we can have everything in life, we are so rich. We don’t need to earn more money, as we can afford everything we like to have. Instead, we feel the need to see the world, to experience new things and to feel like we’re truly contributing to a better world. To give back. That’s the future of entrepreneurs. And I love every valuable business idea that comes from the ‘adding value mindset.’ I support every small idea and small business that iams to make a difference.

The planet doesn’t need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kind. – Dalai Lama

Now I will forever dream, think, discuss and work on my business that focuses on fashion and giving back. Because that truly makes me and the world around me happy!

Any guesses how the business of The Sunshine Journey will be of great value?