Do you remember when you were young, getting presents for Christmas was the ultimate happiness? Creating a wish-list, sending it out and receiving what you wished for. It was a dream come true every December.

Through the years of getting older, this happiness might slightly have changed from getting presents to giving presents to your beloved ones. Finding what they are looking for, surprising them and giving happiness to me is much more valued than getting what I would like to have. (After all, I do earn the money to buy something I would like to have, so my wish-list isn’t that big..) I personally also really enjoy the wrapping part of presents, but that’s my personal cup of tea.

With December and Christmas ahead of us, I would like to give you some ideas to enjoy the joy of giving, without needing a big budget to spend on gifts:

Give a Christmas wish:

Write a Christmas (or New Years) wish for someone in a letter or a small note. Personal written notes are cool to receive and speak truly from the heart. I personally did this last year, giving out small Christmas wishes for each family member and with that I played a song I personally picked for each loved one. You might have songs too that remind you of your loved one or speak out a message you would like them to hear. Turn on the song or send it, give them your note and you will for sure give out happiness and love.

Give an advent:

Give a advent-calendar with small gifts. It’s the joy within the small things, such as a kind present everyday that creates happiness. You can buy pre-filled advents in lots of beauty stores, food stores and accessory stores. It’s great to give such when you know your beloved one is a fan of the brand or store. But it’s also optional to fill an advent yourself. I think filling an advent with small gifts yourself is more fun (but also a lot more work). Think of filling it with some notes (compliments, wishes, appreciations), mini’s of their favorite beauty products, small jewelry, a key-chain, candy/chocolate, a pair of socks, hair accessories, small stationary  products or house decorations. I am sure if you give it a shot, filling 24 boxes won’t be that hard 😉 But don’t forget to rush with this one, as you give it way before Christmas itself;-)

Give a treatment:

What’s more to wish than total relaxation and me-time? Giving out a treatment to a loved one can be a perfect present. Think of a massage to your loved one who’s been working (out) a lot this year, or a facial to your mum who wouldn’t treat herself with such. Or a mani-pedi for your sister. A treatment of any kind is a very welcoming surprise and minimalistic. If you need to take care of your budget, consider giving the treatment yourself. If you can afford it, give out a gift-card from a salon of good quality.

Give quality-time:

Consider giving an activity to do with your loved one. In times of tight schedules, hectic life’s and multi-tasking, a date for two can be so much appreciated. And these dates can come in any budget: from a movie-night-in or a beauty treatment at home, to a full day activity, a dinner, a cooking workshop or a weekend get-away. Of course some activities cost you quiet some budget, but it’s about spending time together rather that spending money. In my opinion, spending quality time together is much more appreciated than a present.

Giving a Christmas dinner/brunch:

Do you enjoy your time in the kitchen? How about inviting your family or friends over for a Christmas dinner or brunch, instead of giving gifts. It’s a minimalistic gift, but they sure will love it. It may create a ‘gift’ of stress-relieve when you move the christmas dinner to your home instead of your parents’ or friends’ one. You can invest your time in making their favorite recipes or experimenting with new dishes. You can add beautiful table styling and christmas music to experience the ultimate joy of christmas. I am sure this gift is appreciated.

Give something creative:

Consider giving something you didn’t buy but still being able to wrap a gift to place under the tree? How about a gift you created? As everyone has certain skills, I am sure you are good in something such as drawing, knitting, cooking, scrapping, visuals or sewing. Find an easy DYI or recipe and create the most original gift. I love to find easy DYI’s myself on Pinterest which is a great source for ideas. Not that much into creative creatures? How about selecting some cute photos of this year, adding them into a small photo-booklet and ordering it online. You still made it yourself;-)

Give it wrapped:

A gift itself can be good, but the wrapping can be truly amazing. How about adding the most fun picture of a family member on the gift, instead of name tags? Or writing down christmas wishes on each gift? And what about styling the bows, stickers and gift accessories in your loved-one’s favorite color? This way you personalize your gifts and it makes it much more fun to give.

I hope you will enjoy giving this season <3


I would love to hear your comments or questions below:)

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