Dear followers,

My journey to Zambia has begun and I couldn’t be more excited for this day to come. I will travel to a new continent (for me) and I am less prepared than ever so you can tell, I am both excited and a bit frightened. But that’s ok, because the thrill of the surprise will be one of the best experiences. To go there without expectation. To live with less expectation. It’s my life-long goal.

Here I will tell you some details about my trip:
I will fly with Kenya Airways from Amsterdam to Nairobi, Kenia at first. There I will have a stay-over of 8 hours and after that, I’ll fly to Livingstone. It’s a combined flight to Cape-town, of which they drop us on their way in Livingstone. In Livingstone I’ll be spending a day at the beautiful Okodwela project, which I am very excited about! Okodwela is an organization that provides free education, shelter (they build homes) and food for the children of Linda – a neighborhood outside of Livingstone – and it’s surrounded villages. These children come from less fortunate backgrounds such as single-parent families or orphans. I can’t see all the incredible work Okodwela is doing for them. Next to this project, I will visit the Victoria Falls on both the Zambian and Zimbabwean site, as Livingstone is most known of this incredible wonder.

After Livingstone, I will travel to the capital Lusaka where I will meet with the Comaco organization. They work with local producers to provide employment and sell their products on a bigger scale. With the earnings, they both support the producers and their families, as well as conservation of wildlife. I can’t wait to get to know more about this circular economy and system. When I leave Lusaka, I will go and see the wildlife that we all try to conserve. I go to South Luangwa national park. I hope to meet the big-five here, but any wildlife will be impressive. Here I will get to see the work of Comaco. During my stay in the national park, three days, I’ll be offline – an experience we all long for sometimes and I think it is good to experience such.

After 3 days offline, I will continue my travels towards Malawi – a new country. I’ll tell you more about my trip to Malawi soon.

Lots of love xx