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Goodmorning my dear followers!

Hope you are doing fine and you are having a good Tuesday so far. I personally kicked off the week with lots of energy and to-do’s plus a planner full of activities. Exciting times.

I would like to share a new video with you about my voluntary work. A few weeks a go, I volunteered at Oma’s Soep in de Vreugdehof – an elderly home in Amsterdam South. This initiative is started by a young group of likeminded people who came up with a commercial idea to make a social impact as well as fighting food waste.

With Oma’s Soep, they make fresh soups in multiple elderly homes – a co-working activity for both the elderly and volunteers. The soups are made from vegetables that would otherwise have gone to waste and the soup will directly be eaten for lunch in the elderly homes. But they make more soup, so Oma’s Soep sells their soups in cafe’s, caterers and shops. With this concept, oma’s soep fights food waste & loneliness, connects multiple social groups together and sell’s a delicious, fresh soup.

Red Bull supports this initiative with their Red Bull Amaphiko community. They give their wings to pioneers who are using their talents to solve social problems and make a change in their communities. Something Oma’s Soep truly does!

Below you find the video of Red Bull Amaphiko for Oma’s Soep – starring The Sunshine Journey

Oma’s Soep is fighting elderly loneliness and food waste

Thank you, Red Bull Amaphiko for capturing this moment and making me part of the message you try to share!

Hope you all like it! Have a good day xx

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