Below is a quote I wrote on my IG account back in 2021 on the feeling it gives me to help others. In this matter, it’s homeless people in Stockholm. But that is irrelevant. It’s all about the feeling inside of you, the fire that starts burning and makes you feel happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

Volunteering at Ny Gemenskap in Stockholm, 2021

“I look ridiculous maybe, in this oversized vest standing in the kitchen. The things I do – serving coffee and handing out meals – may not be interesting or superior at all. But that doesn’t count either.

But you know what counts? The heart-warming feeling I get from it. To welcome people in, make them feel at home. A feeling they don’t experience every day. Make them feel one of us, make them feel seen. Treat them equally. Give them attention, kindness, and a smile. Listen to their story, as some of them haven’t had anyone listening to them in a while✨
I do learn more about society and things that really matter in life, than what I could learn in an average week in the office🖊📈

What I look like doesn’t matter to me, it is the connection and the heart-warming feeling that counts💛”

The feeling of helping others

This is a quote and an IG post I made in Stockholm, in 2021, when I was volunteering at Ny Gemenskap, a place where those in Stockholm who are lonely or homeless can go to get a cup of coffee and a warm lunch on Sundays.

I am hoping to inspire you with this quote to experience giving back and to take this realistic and rewarding attitude with you if you go out to volunteer.

Are you looking to experience volunteering personally or with your colleagues? Please, reach out to explore the possibilities together – I would be happy to help you!

With love, E

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