Goodmorning lovely followers:)

Great you are here to have a read through this blog about giving. Because we all enjoy the art of giving every now and then. Giving brings you happiness, satisfaction and love. Did you enjoy giving presents during the holidays? I bet you did;-) Did you feel happiness when you gave a hug to someone who needed it? You probably felt it. Giving both brings joy to the receiver, as well as to the giver (YOU).

Now giving is something we do daily and sometimes unnoticed. But to step up the game I would like to give you some new ideas to give without a budget:

Give a smile

It’s such a easy but precious gift to smile to someone and making their day a bit brighter. A smile can say: hi, thank you, you’re welcome, you are great. You’ll be surprised how easy it becomes a routine.

Give a hand  

Some people could use just a little bit of help. Did you know helping someone really brings happiness to you? Whether you help out with knowledge, advice or a real hand – situations become much lighter for that person

Give strength

 Sometimes we all need a little push in the back to go out and do the things we dream off. To give some strength can be a game-changer! Tell them they can do it. Tell them they are brave enough. Tell them they are stronger than they think. 

Give good vibes

A good vibe is essential to make magic happen, make people sparkle and to get things done. Bringing a positive vibe by being happy. Speak out joy, smile, sing, dance or play your favorite music. Changing vibes from negative to positive is such a valuable thing, and it really ain’t that hard.

Give a compliment

We all grow from compliments. Did you know that? The fun thing is, there is always something to compliment about. Whether it’s work done well, a website that looks good, a great presentation or IG post – it may all deserve a compliment. Positive attitude, good behavior and looks definitely deserve a compliment too. Speak out that compliment and you will make someone grow, feel appreciated and seen. But: make sure the compliment is always true and meaningful! Lying compliments are the worse.

Give attention

Attention is something a lot of people take for granted. Especially in a time of multi-tasking and multiple distractions, giving full attention is rare and valuable. Give it thoughtful. Give a smile to a stranger to show you see them. Listen to someone’s story without being distracted by your phone. Give advice that fits the needs of the person

Give notice

Make someone feel noticed. That can be done by looking someone in the eye, touching someone shortly, writing a small note or sending a card. Give your loved one the feeling you see them, you think of them and appreciate their appearance.

Give time

Next to attention, time is such a precious thing these day. Everyone tends to have crazy busy schedules, over-planned agendas and so on. To give your time to someone you love is a precious, but easy thing. Plan time carefully, making sure you spend it well. Give your time to those you love and they will appreciate this gift so much. Time is valuable and precious.

Give love

Whenever you can, give love. Mix attention, appreciation and affection is order to show your love to everyone you’d like to show it too! Love is such a valuable gift, spend it wisely and spend it well. LOVE!

Give a hug

A hug can show you care, you love someone, all is okay. A hug can give a feeling of security. A hug stimulates the production of Oxytocin which promotes bonding and releases stress. And there is a lot more health benifits to be found in hugs. So lets give hugs!

Give spare money

Anything left in your pocket? Check your wallet or pockets for little coins before heading out on the streets and when you pass someone in need, give what you have including a smile. It will brighten up both your days.

Give left-overs

Always cooking more than you need? No reason for food to go to waste. Give it away to someone who could use some extra food (think of a nearby open kitchen concept in your area) or who is crazy busy, with less time to cook properly. A left-over can be such a gift to someone!

Happy Giving!

What do you give freely? Please give a comment below:)