You may think this blog is all about my adventures as a traveling volunteer and living a good and happy life – which it is. I love to inspire others by the joy I find in helping others, in doing good. I love to give tips about a conscious and kind lifestyle and to inspire you. And I will continuously do this. 

But the REAL reason I volunteer and travel has come from a believe. A believe that has been with me for a long time now. I believe we can make a difference in this world, together.

I started my blog in September last year, and up until now I’ve spend every minute I could on my business idea. And I will continuously spend every minute on my business. Because I believe to make it happen. I believe it is possible to make a change. To be able to create a development. I believe it will work and I am proud to finally get my business idea out there. 

The business idea

You support a charity with just one ‘like’ – a single like that makes a difference. You don’t need to physically donate money. No hazzle. Just a like on Instagram.  And The Sunshine Journey is here to show you the difference we make together. Showing how the money is spend on charity through Social Media. I hope that seeing what can be done with your ‘like’ will make you feel very good:) 

I aim to help small and locally operating charities. They may operate in Amsterdam, in Lilongwe, Antigua or in Kathmandu. The most important value is the difference we can make to this organization. That it’s transparent. That we know donations are spend well and in the right way. I check carefully on these values before we collaborate. And I make sure to personally go there to show you how the money will be spend.


These days we are so rich. We are rich in everything we have; we travel all over the world, we have successful careers, we got education, we have a beautiful living, we spend a good time partying or dining out, we can buy whatever we like…. there is room to give back and to help out. A wish for feeling what a lot of people secretly seek for: satisfaction in doing something that matters. Something that makes this world a better place. Even if it’s just a bit better, we like to contribute to make it happen. But how do we do it? There are so many options, yet we live a busy life and time is precious. 


We know we spend quite some time on IG scrolling our feeds so why not give away some likes that can make a difference?

The Sunshine Journey turns the existing business model on Instagram into a collective goal to create a development and support local projects. No need to give a monthly amount to one charity or spend your free time volunteering. 

My aim is to involve all of you on this journey of doing good. How? You just like my posts. The Sunshine Journey aims to collaborate with commercial companies as well as NGO’s and charities to create a sustainable business model in which all parties benefit. The Sunshine Journey creates content, that generates branding as well as a CSR-program for brands. These are fund-raising Instagram posts. The profits of the content and your ‘likes’ will collaboratively be donated to local charities. A win-win-win model. 

You will see the profits and the funds raised transparently on the blog and how far we have yet come to achieve our goal (raised amount).

What is needed to make it work

What is needed to be able to make it work? Exposure. So please like and share the fund-raising content. I’d love if you share, as sharing is caring and I know you really care. Sharing really adds up to achieving our goals together. So let’s make this work and help out. 

Simply Like a Instagram post and a donation is generated from every like the photo gets. It works with a conversion system. 

It’s 100% transparent and I assure you the money is spend in the right way. You will see the change we are making and how the organization works. 

You spend a second, give a like and help out. Simple. Quick. Yet valuable. 

What we will do NOW

Because I love to show you the model The Sunshine Journey stands for, I will start tomorrow with the first fund-raising Instagram post. This post will result in a donation so please be keen to see it, like it, share it and follow the IG account to see what donation got raised and what the organization is able to do with it.

I aim to create more and more fund-raising Instagram posts. As many as possible. One day, all posts will be used for fund-raising and charity. 

I believe this is the future of charity, the future of helping out. 

I’ll make sure to give it my all and show you what we can do together. I’ll show you the difference we are able to make. The good things you are doing and the chance you make.

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