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    Welcome back!

    Since the beginning of September the blog has been offline. Not because I intended too, or because I wanted to. But because I needed to move my blog to a new host and as a result I didn’t get my…

  • The Journey

    WEEKVLOG: volunteering in Amsterdam

    In this week-vlog I will bring you along 5 voluntary activities in Amsterdam during one week. I serve meals at a community centre for homeless people,I do a royal quiz at an elderly home, I volunteer at a language cafe…

  • The Journey

    NEW: Nepal vlog – Week 2

    In this second week-vlog you will see all about my travels to the South of Nepal, Chitwan National Park. I stay on a responsible dream location (Sapana Village lodge) I go on safari, spot the most beautiful animals, I visit…

  • The Journey

    NEW: Nepal vlog – week 1

    I am super excited to announce that the first vlog of Nepal is live on the Youtube channel now. In this vlog you will see all about my voluntary work at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT-Centre) and the Tiom…

  • The Journey

    New vlog: How to prepare your travels

    In this vlog you will find out what I did wrong while packing for Nepal, my best tips for traveling, my preparations and how I arranged and organized my voluntary work abroad.