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    Swedish Lapland on a budget

    In this BLOG, you will be able to find my 7 best tips to travel to Swedish Lapland on a budget. I always thought traveling to Lapland would be one of the most expensive things to do. I thought thousands…

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    London 2019

    YESS, I spontaneously booked a trip to London - UK. I had two days off from work and loved to go away shortly. London is close-by and my hearts bursts with energy for the holidays (I am a sucker for…

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    Kind Traveling: Bali

    Is Bali your next holiday destination? Maybe you are longing for paradise, but wouldn't it also be interesting to do something special during your vacation? Our guest-blogger Suzan volunteered in Bali, Indonesia recently and wrote a heartwarming blog about it!

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    New trip: Zambia & Malawi

    Yes yes yes, I am super excited to be able to reveal my next travel destination for The Sunshine Journey: Zambia & Malawi. I chose the African continent this time, as this is a new continent for me and I've…

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    Nepal – The journey

    In this blog you will find all about the Journey to Nepal. My travels, what I did as a volunteer, where I stayed, details about the country and all my best tips to travel, eat, sleep and volunteer in Nepal.