• The Journey

    The Journey: Zambia (Including VLOG)

    You maybe wouldn't pick it as a first choice holiday country, but Zambia actually is a beautiful place to spend your vacation. Read all about my trip here and the suggestions I have for you when traveling to Zambia, Africa.

  • The Journey

    NEW: Nepal vlog – week 1

    I am super excited to announce that the first vlog of Nepal is live on the Youtube channel now. In this vlog you will see all about my voluntary work at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT-Centre) and the Tiom…

  • Kind Traveling

    Current dream destinations: a meaningful stay

    A purposeful stay makes your trip even better! As January is in full swing, I am dreaming of my to-plan trips for 2019. And I wouldn't be happier to combine my trip with a purposeful stay: sleeping and relaxing in…