Chitwan National Park in Nepal is one of the prettiest and unique jungles in Asia. To go on safari here is exciting, special and authentic. Safari in this Southern part of Nepal is a must do! The area of Chitwan National Park is known to be humid and warm, yet it can turn cold at night. You are advised to be very protective of mosquitos and insects. In this post i’ll share the ultimate essentials for safari in Chitwan.


As part of my journey to travel & volunteer around the globe, I traveled off to Nepal in search for adventure. To experience the unique beauty of Nepal’s nature, I chose to visit Chitwan National Park again, in the South of the country. Read all about my personal experience, the incredible safari and how to be prepared for this adventure!

Nepal – The journey

In this blog you will find all about the Journey to Nepal. My travels, what I did as a volunteer, where I stayed, details about the country and all my best tips to travel, eat, sleep and volunteer in Nepal.

What it was like to travel alone in Nepal

I loaded the blog with my experiences of traveling alone in Nepal. This trip was my first so I am sure a lot of things described are ‘first-time’ experiences many of you will recognize.Traveling alone in Nepal is fairly easy and save. You will meet lovely people along the way who will try to help whenever they can. Most Nepali speak English very well which helps a lot. I really enjoyed traveling alone and two weeks is perfect. I could have extended it up to three weeks.


Did you watch my vlogs of Nepal yet? If so, you probably have seen me traveling around Kathmandu and wonderingly ascertain the trash in the rivers of the city. It’s so tragical, I would like to highlight the situation and Dopper who’s bringing change.Plastic trash is such an intense and big problem in developing countries. There is simple an overkill of single-use plastics and the developments are not there (yet) to be able to recycle plastics or to re-use it for different purposes.

NEW: Nepal vlog – Week 2

In this second week-vlog you will see all about my travels to the South of Nepal, Chitwan National Park. I stay on a responsible dream location (Sapana Village lodge) I go on safari, spot the most beautiful animals, I visit the workshop of fair-trade jewelry brand A Beautiful Story, I go to Bhaktapur and I share more of Kathmandu. Finally you will see my dream stop-over in the Pullman Hotel in Istanbul!

A Beautiful Story to tell

Last Tuesday I got the chance to visit the workshop and production centre of one of my favorite jewelry brands: A Beautiful Story. And a beautiful story it is, as the owner (Cathelijne) is making a true difference in the industry by having a first-hand production team in Kathmandu, Nepal. The production company is named Beads for Life and produces 99% of its’ products for A Beautiful Story. The companies works closely together which improves the products, the relationship and the development of both businesses.

Sapana Village Lodge – A dream stay in Nepal

I couldn’t wait to tell you all about my dream stay at the Sapana Village Lodge. it was such a dream, I felt so happy and totally relaxed here!
The Sapana Village Lodge is an accommodation just outside of Sauhara, the town at the border of Chitwan National Park. The town is small but full of hotels and booking offices. Sapana Village Lodge is just outside of town, which brings along a natural calmness. The lodge is adjacent to a small river and a grass area, which gives you amazing views and pure relaxation.

NEW: Nepal vlog – week 1

I am super excited to announce that the first vlog of Nepal is live on the Youtube channel now. In this vlog you will see all about my voluntary work at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT-Centre) and the Tiom Laura Marinka Home (Streetchildren of Kathmandu). Next to that I give you a detailed insight in my travels and show you around the city of Kathmandu!

KAT Centre – The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

I was able to volunteer for a day with the KAT-centre. At first I got a warm welcome by Ben, one of the long-term volunteers. He gave me a wonderful tour around the centre, showing me all areas and telling me all about the daily activities here. I am amazed by the engagement of the centre, as I visited a shelter in Amsterdam recently and can relate to the same procedures and activities. After lunch, me and another volunteer took several dogs out for a walk. The surrounding of the centre is so beautiful, walking here is a pleasure.