Hello Sunshines,

Hope you are all feeling good today and Spring is treating you well in this moment. Hopefully you’ll catch lots of sunshine in the days to come, we’ve all been waiting for it.

From Spring back to Winter, as I did last week! I took the night-train from Stockholm Central to Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland, to enjoy a weekend up North in a winter wonderland. And it was amazing, the trip felt like a little dream!

Without spoiling too much of what we did, I’d like to share my latest travel vlog with you here. A 14 minute video with all the highlights of my trip to incredible Swedish Lapland:

I really hope you enjoy this video as I did with filming and editing!

Oh and are you excited about such trip to Swedish Lapland? In my next blog, I will share my 7 best tips to go to Lapland on a budget. So please keep an eye on the blog.

Lots of love and sunshine from Stockholm, XOXO