My 7 best tips to travel to the incredible arctic on a budget

Hi Sunshines,

I hope you are doing great today! It’s FRIYAY. And hopefully, you came to read this BLOG as you are planning your next trip: one of the most exciting things to do!

In this BLOG, you will be able to find my 7 best tips to travel to Swedish Lapland on a budget. I always thought traveling to Lapland would be one of the most expensive things to do. I thought thousands of Euros.
So I never expected we’d be able to do it on a budget, but we only paid about 500 Euro each with great accommodation and tours.
And therefore I’d like to share my 7 tips best for you here:

1. Plan shortly!

Download one of the many Aurora apps (I used Aurora) and look at the Forecasts for 2/3 weeks ahead and plan your trip accordingly to have more chance to see the Northern Lights. Be flexible in your schedule✨

2. Travel with a good deal

Travel by night-train and shop for your tickets to get a good deal, as there are multiple options. Or if you prefer, do the same with your flight✈️

3. Stay in a self-service cabin

Staying in a self-service cabin as accommodation, will save up a lot. You will need to bring some food and drinks (which you can buy in the local grocery store). But self-service means there is a kitchen and dining facility available, so you can cook yourself👨🏻‍🍳

4. Pack light!

Pack light as it saves up money on the flight and it is easier to carry. We traveled with hand-luggage only, but if needed, I would share max 1 piece of check-in luggage together with more people. Plus each brings a day-bag🎒 Just wear your snow-gear on the plane/train. As check-in luggage I would bring a backpack, as suitcases are tough to carry in the snow.

5. Be prepared to walk a little

Be prepared to walk a little, as taxi’s are extremely expensive in this area. Because the cabins are usually out of town, the buses are fine to bring you in the right direction (cost only 50 kr each) and you can walk the last part yourself. We walked a kilometer or two and packing light is therefore recommended✌🏻Renting a car can work for a group, as it is also quiet expensive to do.

6. Check your options for activities!

Orientate in advance the options and costs for activities. There are so many offers in the area, you can pick the one you want and arrange it. We called our neigbour lodge to arrange the best deal. They pick you up from your lodge or cabin and bring you back.

7. Book a Sami or reindeer lodge

Find the ultimate experience on your front-door by booking a reindeer or Sami lodge. I found multiple lodges like these on , we stayed at The Reindeer Lodge in Jukkasjärvi. By booking a lodge like this, you include the Sami experience and Reindeers already in your stay for free!

Will you go to Lapland anytime? Let me know if these tips were useful for you✨

Like to see what our trip was like? My Lapland VLOG can be found here or on my YouTube Channel☃️📹

Lots of love, XOXO