Goodmorning dear readers! Happy Saturday:) It’s time to shine a bright light on another kind style initiative and today I like to highlight Sukha.

Sukha is a cosy flagship store in the heart of Amsterdam (Haarlemmerstraat) as well as an online-store with a beautiful assortment. They offer clothes, furniture and accessories in a high quality. Sukha stands for joy and their store and products breathe calmness, happiness and joy to the fullest. Their products fit perfectly into a clean and conscious lifestyle. They stand for sustainable production, lots of handmade products and natural materials (LOVE)!

Photo of the store via vosgesparis
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Kind Production

Sukha produces its fashion and lifestyle accessories in India and Nepal, where they are closely involved with the people who make the Atelier Sukha products. Sukha’s goal is to provide them with a fair and stable income and a solid base for the future. Sukha stands for a strong collaboration. On their website, you are able to see portraits and a video of the women working at Sukha’s Production HQ. Giving them a face and a voice really adds value for the buyer of the product. They work solely with natural, high-quality materials which extends the lifetime of a product and supports a sustainable living.

Suhka’s home accessories

Kind Social Responsibility – The Sukha Foundation

Sukha has it’s own foundation which is fully active in the country of production; Nepal. In Nepal their foundation provides financial help for education and, if necessary, accommodation for disadvantaged children. The children they support miss one or both of their parents and therefore are limited with their chances to create a bright future for themselves. Sukha Foundation enables them to have primary schooling and in is some cases a vocational education as well. At the moment, several children started with bachelor education in IT and Business Administration. Next to that, the Sukha foundation financially supports the orphanage where some of the children live and learn. Recently they supported new interiors (benches, tables etc) in collaboration with KPN, Conclusion and the Dutch Railways. The Sukha foundation is funded by profit (Sukha) and gifts, both from companies and independent donators.

Review & Opinion:

I personally like the style of the Sukha products and the vibe of the store – it fits my style & personality. Because the collection is fairly small, they have the possibility to tell the story of each product and its origin. They care for the people who do production, giving them a face and a voice. But Sukha doesn’t limit itself to the workers, but adds value to the community with the Sukha Foundation. What they offer children in Nepal is a future, a solid base. Something so precious, it really gives back kindness in my opinion.

Hope this article informs and inspires you!

Online store:

Flagship Store: Haarlemmerstraat 110, Amsterdam The Netherlands.