Hi dear Sunshines,

As you may noticed, I am a huge lover of vintage fashion finds. And here, in Stockholm, I have been able to fill up my closet with so many beautiful and special pieces! So incredibly happy with my finds. And therefore, I like to share my GO-TO addresses in Stockholm for shopping Vintage with you!

Are you traveling to Stockholm and looking to find some unique clothing pieces? Then stop-by in one of these second-hand stores to find one of a kind and affordable pieces:

Second-Hand stores where good vintage items can be found:

  • Stockholms Stadsmissionen (the best stores are: Mariatorget, Kungsholmen, Bromma, Solna Centrum and Vasastan)
  • Red Cross / Roda Korset (The best store is in Sodermalm on Östgötagatan 67)
  • Myrorna (The best stores can be found in Uppsala and in Stockholm in Ostermalm on Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 5 and at Ropsten)
  • Emmaus (Liljeholmen, Sodermalm – Peter Myndes backe 8)

Vintage (designer) stores in Stockholm:


This Blog and the list of Vintage Stores in Stockholm will be updated with new addresses more often!

WHY buy vintage:

I have always loved vintage and I think it is interesting to share WHY I love it (and why you maybe will love it too):

  • Vintage items have great quality
  • The items are made with incredible craftmanship and therefore last longer
  • You always find original items and styles
  • Vintage is a more sustainable fashion choice
  • You have the option to adopt trends early (as most trends return from earlier era’s and are represented in vintage)

As many clothing items only last a few years, products with strong quality and craftsmanship tend to exist longer and are wearable much longer. That is the reason why some items from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are still able to be found in vintage stores and perfect to wear. Items are named vintage when they are at-least 25yrs old.

Why you will find good vintage in Stockholm:

Swedish people tent to be fashionable, they aim to buy high quality over quantity and tend to save things a long time. This way, when they clean out their closets or their attics, there are precious items to be found. As Swede’s are very cautious about their environment and they take sustainability very serious, it is very common to hand in your clothes for a second life. Barely anybody throws anything away, up-cycling and re-cycling is mostly common here.

This results in beautiful finds in second-hand and vintage stores all over the country, but especially in Stockholm.

Brands you can easily find second-hand:

Acne, Filippa K, GANT, Vagabond, Samsoe Samsoe, Ralph Lauren and many more.

All the best in your shopping adventure!

With love, XO E.

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