YES! Spring is in here and you can really feel it. The sun is out way more often, temperatures rise, flowers and trees are blooming and I wake up hearing birds. With Spring entering comes the urge to spend time outside more often, as well as updating my wardrobe with light spring essentials. I can’t wait to place an order online or go into the city to spurge some of my favorites.

My personal must haves include the colors pistache and coral. Both feel so fresh and light, they instantly bring a smile to me. These two colors can be combined together for a bright appearance or toned-down with whites, beiges, camels, light-grey and black. Coral also matches perfectly with army-green. I prefer wide-leg trousers over jeans this season, but the wide-leg bow pant in chambray is the perfect mix to wear this season. In accessories I look for shells and scallops as they bring the ultimate beach vibe to every outfit. And aren’t these sandals the perfect look-a-like of Isabel Marant’s Jaeryn sandal? I love them!

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All items are from brands categorized as ‘Kind Style’ supported by The Sunshine Journey, and most items are fair-trade.