“Spread a little light tonight, tonight, tonight. Gimme just a little sign, and I’ll be fine.”

I listened to this song (by Molly Sanden) a lot of times and always feel calm afterwards. It always makes me feel everything is going to be ok.

Some days are filled with sunshine and light, other days may be grey and somewhat darker. This situation can be both with weather as with mood.

But we all feel better when there is light around, it does well to our mood and wellbeing. And therefore I like to give you tips to always bring light into your life, and whenever you can, spread a light around you.

  • Light a candle – any time of the day but especially at night
  • Send a little love – by writing a small note to someone you care about
  • Smile genuinely to someone or add a ‘hello’. It will boost your mood and theirs most certainly too
  • Take a walk outside and make sure you catch the daylight (sunshine) on your cheeks
  • Put up the music that bring you warm memories. The memory of that certain party, a holiday or romance will bring a smile back to you
  • Dress in bright or light tones, such as whites, beige, sand and blush. It will affect your mood and the way people see you
  • Write down a list of the things you are proud of and the things you are grateful for. You are doing so well!
  • Talk to yourself with only positive comments and compliments
  • If someone is doing something you don’t like, respond with love and gratitude. See how it affects your world
  • By focusing on the good of the situation, you create more goodness

Please remember that when we’re good to one another, the world is a little bit brighter.