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Welcome to the good-cause webshop of The Sunshine Journey!

Worldwide sourced products, fair paid to individual entrepreneurs and handmade by me. Here you will find a collection of products from every destination, supporting multiple charities worldwide. The sales of each product will be fully donated to a charity in the country of origin.

Introducing the first collection: Nepal 2020

All beads are sourced personally in Kathmandu, Nepal, and bought for a fair price at local sellers. This way we support local entrepreneurs and businesses in Nepal. The bracelets are handmade by myself.

The full sales of the bracelet (€9,95) will be donated to the organization Streetchildren of Kanthmandu, Nepal – an orphanage in Nepal where 90 children are living, eating, getting educated and enjoying a careless life.

The good-cause shop

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New Products

Local sourced raw materials, bought for a fair price. Therefore supporting local entrepreneurs.
Handmade at home, here in Amsterdam – in good circumstances. Due to the handmade nature of the collections, the color and patterning will vary slightly from piece to piece.


With the sales of each product, 100% will be donated to a charity in the country of origin – personally chosen and visited.

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