I help your company taking the next step within CSR by developing and sustaining your social responsibility chapter. I realize the perfect match with a charity or non-profit organization, where we start a sustainable partnership that is beneficial for both parties.

Eva – Charity Partnership Specialist


From the idea for making impact, to making the match, to the full implementation: I can guide and support any company at any level.

Based on the mission, vision and commercial strategies of your company, I compose the perfect match with a non-profit organization or good cause, to make an impact.

I will give you a suitable advice-report and a “giving plan” for a sustainable collaboration and optionally I can establish the match.

As a matchmaker, I will take into account the business strategies of both parties as we develop the most optimal and sustainable implementation of this collaboration.

With my hands-on mentality, I can be part of the implementation phase of this collaboration as well. I operate locally, nationally and internationally.

Such collaboration is a win-win for all parties. According to research, employees are on average 13% more productive when a part of the companies’ profit goes to charity. Consumers prefer doing business with companies that have partnered up with a charity, and employees are more enthusiastic (43%) about working for a company that is involved in a good cause.

Service Subscriptions

Our monthly Service Subscriptions give you the opportunity to continuously manage your CSR-projects without hassle, as a professional is taking care of the work. 

Are you keen on keeping your CSR project on track, while handling all the other responsibilities within your organization? Then the Service Subscriptions could be the solution for you! With packages starting at just 4 hours per month, you’ll have a dedicated professional to take care of your CSR projects. Monitoring progress, handling all communication with the stakeholders, and ensuring your project is a success.

Here’s what you get with our Service Subscription:

  • A monthly number of hours dedicated to monitoring progress and following up on tasks
  • Flexibility to scale up or down as needed
  • No need to hire a dedicated CSR specialist for your team
  • A dedicated point of contact within your organization and for stakeholders
  • A dedicated point of contact for the charity you’re partnering with
  • Multiple moments to evaluate the progress and implement the improvements for future success
  • The ability to quickly respond to emergency situations (emergency aid) or special events such as Christmas
  • A monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time

With a Service Subscription, you’ll be able to focus on your other responsibilities while still making progress on your CSR project.

Contact us today to learn more and get started tomorrow!

The monthly Service Subscriptions are the perfect follow-up after a consult, or can be booked separately.

Consulting Services

As a consultant, I work based on the ‘Done for You’ and ‘Done with You’ model on an hourly basis. Optionally, I work on a project fee. Please find below the options of consulting projects I offer.

 1:1 Coffee Session

For one hour I’m all yours! This is mainly a brainstorm session in which we collectively will gather thoughts, ideas when looking into different angles and aspects of your business. We will investigate how a collaboration with a charity or non/profit would look like for your business. I will share all my knowledge with you and you will leave the room with a solid advice on how to step up your companies’ Social Responsibility and which charity to collaborate with.

Of course, a good cup of coffee is included.

Consult Small

Consult small is perfect when you would like to start with a solid advice-report for your business. To create this, we establish an intake and I will do my research on your company. After our intake, I will work on the perfect match with a charity and the right fit for the collaboration, including a competitor’s analysis.

The result: the best idea for a sustainable collaboration for impactful social responsibility. All findings will be summarized in a solid advice report.

Now, all you have left to do, is reach out to the charity and start off the collaboration.

Consult Medium

When you book a medium consult, I aim to give your business a solid CSR plan, and I will realize it for your company! To do so, we kick-start with an intake (45 min) and I will do my research in advance. After our intake, I will work on the perfect match with a charity and the right fit for the collaboration, including a competitor’s analysis. During this phase, there is room for feedback and questions. When we realize the ultimate CSR match, I will manage the realization and start the collaboration with the charity for your company.

This includes contracting, financial administration, and rolling out a marketing- and sales plan.

Consult Large

With Consult Large I aim to give your business a solid CSR plan and will also manage the realization. We will kick-start with an intake and I will do my research in advance. After our intake, I will find the perfect match with a charity and the right fit for the collaboration. During this phase, there’s room for feedback and questions. Once we decided on the ultimate charity partnership, I will manage the realization. This includes contracting, financial administration, and handing out a marketing- and sales plan. We will arrange a visit to the charity partner, which could include a special “giving moment” and the creation of visual content. Extra: All the correct numbers, facts, and figures for internal and external CSR reporting.

Consult XL

Let’s do CSR 100%. With the Extra Large Consult, as we will make an impact on a big scale.

We start with an intake and research, where I will realize the perfect match for you including an advice report with statistics, facts, and figures for the CSR reporting. I will execute and manage the collaboration with the charity, including contracting, finance, administration, sales, and marketing. I will pay a full-day visit to the charity which we collaborate with. This organization may be located outside of the Netherlands. This results in (live) visual content for your company’s website and Social Media. An article will be provided about the experience, for several communication channels. The hosting of a launch event is included, as well as an Internal Company Presentation about the plans and realization.


Didn’t yet see your preferred service or way-of-working? No problem.

Reach out to us through the contact page, we will be able to offer you a custom-made solution.

An overview:


What do you get? A driven consultant who will lead you and your company to positive change, a sustainable partnership with a charity, and a successful CSR-plan to have the team, sales, and marketing benefit from the collaboration. 


What to bring?  Your business concept, your ideas (if you already have them) and a drive to make a positive impact are all we need!


Where? Location is flexible, digital is an option. I work both locally as well as globally.

Why choose for The Sunshine Journey:

In my years as a flexible volunteer, I have established a network of beautiful, reliable and impactful charities that operate on a local, national or global level in different responsible areas (social welfare, supporting health and education, cultural development as well as nature conservation).

With my years of experience in the commercial sector and B2B Sales, I know how we can use business operations for maximum results. I am keen to always keep the customer/consumer in mind and I take into account that we develop efficient cooperations between the various departments within your organization (marketing, sales, production, finance).

My focus points:

⇒ Pursue the core values, vision, and mission of both organizations

⇒ A sustainable collaboration for a longer period of time

⇒ Measurable and demonstrable results

⇒ Assuring a personalized “giving moment” for the donation

⇒ Transparency and good communication for internal and external purposes. I give clear communication advice to prevent greenwashing

⇒ Tailor-made advice for the financial aspect of donating and giving

Let’s make an impact together!

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