I recently did a closet sale for Plan International. As a volunteer, I am in regular contact with the organization and they asked for volunteers to join a flea market for plan. As I am a fashion lover, I have plenty of clothes and can easily miss some of it;-) I woke up early, went to the Amsterdam ‘Ij-hallen’ and created a stand filled with Pink! I got a donation box and slingers from the company to decorate my stand and there we go!

It was such a lovely and fun day:) I didn’t target to raise specifically a lot of money, but ended up with €160,- for Plan International.

And the most valuable thing during the day? I had fun and received soo many sweet replies on the fact I raised money for a good cause. People where looking longer, bought more or donated their change. So sweet! 

And my biggest plus: I got rid of a big pile of clothes, while I was able to make other people happy with my items for a small price.

If you like to do such thing as well, just take a few steps like described HERE and you’re ready to go!

Dear Plan, I hope you will help a lot of girls with the money and give them the chances they diserve. 


My action-page for Plan can be found here