Goodmornig & happy Saturday!

Its my favorite day and that means it’s time for another Kind Style Saturday. This week I like to write about the cosmetic beauty brand ‘Rituals.’

Rituals is a Dutch cosmetic brand, mostly known for it’s scented candles & sticks, body creams and shower-foams. But their assortment is so much more than that: they have their own lounge-wear line – The Soulwear Collection, an enormous assortment hair and body products, make-up and beauty products, sunscreen, home perfumes, bath robes, tea, baby products and perfumes. Next to their cosmetic products, they have their online magazine in which you can read the best tips to relax, do yoga, meditate and take care. They coffer so many options for relaxing, love that!

Kindness in their products

As Rituals products have ‘caring’ written all over it, it wouldn’t be a surprise they care about the world around them as well. Their products are made of mostly natural ingredients, excluded from parabens or microplastics and have never been tested on animals. Their production companies (suppliers) have signed the Rituals code of conduct including no child-labor, no discrimination, guaranteed salaries, safe working conditions and a shared commitment to a clean and safe environment. To reduce the carbon emission footprint, Rituals produces 98% of its products nearby home – in Europe. Rituals is making an effort to reduce, re-use and recycle it’s product packages as much as possible – developing eco-friendly refills – and aims for 100% recyclable packaging by 2023. They are leading in the industry with their options for refills. For their soulwear collection, Rituals teamed up with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to support a better environment for the industry and the people that work with it.

Tiny Miracles Foundation

Rituals financially supports the Tiny Miracles foundation, a charity with a mission to enable communities in the slums of Mumbai, India, to break out their own poverty cycle. The key ambition of the foundation is realizing a fully self-supporting community in 10 years time. The starters of this foundation, a Dutch couple, are living and working full-time in Mumbai to support this community and improving their circumstances to break the poverty cycle. By creating changes, tiny miracles happen and lives are changed in the long run. The Tiny Miracles foundation focusses on health care, employment, education, social awareness (trainings about ‘why to save money,’ ‘why to take care of yourself’, ‘why education is important’) and funding. Rituals is the main supporter of this Foundation, donating 10% of the earnings of the ‘Tiny Rituals Collection’, a collection of caring products for babies & moms. Together they make tiny miracles happen in Mumbai.

This collection contains of ten products and can be found in selected stores.

Review & opinion

Rituals is a beauty brand that focusses on caring for your body and soul, without leaving the environment behind. I personally like their sustainable products such as their eco-friendly refills and their Better Cotton products. They really put a lot of effort in developing sustainable solutions and products within their product-range and new launched product lines. Their commitment to a specific foundation – Tiny Miracles Foundation – makes their Social Responsibility accountable. I would definitely go and buy these products to give to a (future) mom, now I know what contributes my shoppings. 10% of the profit of one product line is a great step in the right direction and makes a lot of difference for the foundation, but to me is still a fairly small contribution from such a big company. Hopefully in the future, Rituals will extend their support and donations from sales to a higher amount of product lines sold. Keep up the good initiatives!


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