• The Journey

    Next journey: Calais, France

    Yesss! I will go back to Calais and Dunkerque in April this year. I plan to volunteer with Help Refugees again, but most likely will be working directly for RCK - Refugee Community Kitchen during my stay. I've volunteered before…

  • The Journey

    What I do for companies

    Sometimes it might be somewhat unclear what bloggers do to fill their days, next to writing and inspiring. It's unclear for me as well with many people I follow, but for myself it's very clear. Therefore, I'd like to give…

  • Kind Style

    Collaboration with Clothingbank Amsterdam

    Since the beginning of August, I started a new voluntary role: I work as Social Media coordinator voluntary at the Clothing Bank in Amsterdam. This organization has a physical store in Amsterdam Noord and support minima in clothing. The collaborate…

  • Kind Style

    HEMA x Chantal Pyjama for Princes Maxima Centrum

    I still feel so overwhelmed about the success of the picture being shared multiple times, I could have never imagined it would go that way. This cute Pyjama was bought because it's sales supports charity - the Princes Maxima Centre…

  • Blogs

    Welcome back!

    Since the beginning of September the blog has been offline. Not because I intended too, or because I wanted to. But because I needed to move my blog to a new host and as a result I didn’t get my…

  • Kind Style

    Kind Style: Shop with kindness

    To upgrade your look, it's good to consider doing it conscious & with kindness. Because there are so many more ways to get that unique look, on-trend yet personal, without leaving out the kind part. Here are my best tips…

  • Kind Traveling

    Kind Traveling: Bali

    Is Bali your next holiday destination? Maybe you are longing for paradise, but wouldn't it also be interesting to do something special during your vacation? Our guest-blogger Suzan volunteered in Bali, Indonesia recently and wrote a heartwarming blog about it!