I am incredibly proud to partner Oasen Water Facilities with The Healthy Teeth Foundation for the period of a year, with the aim to support the development program of Mambo Primary School in Kenya. This Summer, we have been able to realize and achieve major goals in the project that really make a change in the lives of people.

In July 2023, the water facility was completed by the Healthy Teeth Foundation in collaboration with Pamoja and with the support of Oasen. The functional system is encased in a protective covering that also provides reserves (please see pictures below for more details). It is a beautiful, colorful building that serves its purpose of generating water for the 1200 children at the school.

I am pleased to share an overview of the goals achieved by the partner project of Oasen Water Facilities with The Healthy Teeth Foundation, and the construction of the water facility:

  • The overall quality of life and hygiene at the school has improved for both children and teachers.
  • The availability of clean drinking water is optimal, so no kids need to be thirsty any more.
  • Children no longer have to carry large jerry cans or bottles to school.
  • With the water facility, a vegetable garden has been created, providing more vegetables for the children’s lunch. Lunch is often the most important meal of the day for children, so a healthy meal leads to better concentration, better performance, and healthier children.
  • With the arrival of the water facility, oral hygiene has improved, as children can take a toothbrush and brush their teeth after lunch. This leads to better oral and overall health.
  • The installation of the water facility has led to more development: new large water tanks have been built and new classrooms have been constructed. The school is competing for the best school in the region with the installation of the water facility, so development is strongly encouraged.
  • The school is now saving up for a water pipeline to the toilets and kitchen.
  • We have created a multi-stakeholder collaboration of Dutch and foreign parties.
  • Local employment has been created with the installation.
  • We provide a sustainable solution for the former water problem, both in the placement of a sustainable water pump and the responsibility and self-sufficiency of this project for the community.

With the completion of the water facility in Kenya, Oasen, in collaboration with The Healthy Teeth Foundation, has contributed to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 3 (health & wellbeing), 4 (quality education), 6 (clean water and sanitation) and 10 (reduce inequality).

Please get an idea of the beautiful results in the images below:

I am proud of the achievement we made together with the partner project of Oasen Water Facilities with The Healthy Teeth Foundation.

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