Good morning dear readers!

Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday morning and you are currently sipping your first coffee (I am!). It’s time for another Kind Style Saturday and this week I will highlight Nike.

As I like to describe my style as Scandic Romantic, Nike is not the first brand that comes to my mind when it comes to shopping. But I do love to work-out and feel good in my work-out clothes. Next to that I love to travel.

Nike is my absolute favorite when it comes to fashionable aesthetic, and I am sure it’s a favorite of many of you as well. Next to that, traveling in comfortable clothes is strictly necessary and therefore Nike is my personal favorite when in comes to clothes that fit these activities. Their qualities are spectacular and their designs fashionable, progressive and playful. A perfect combo I would say, especially when you find out how much kindness Nike adds on to their brands’ performance. Nike is a classic!

Inspiring walls in the flagship store in Amsterdam

Sustainable products:

First of all, Nike is passionate about bringing new and innovative sneakers into this world. And they do it so well! Their sneaker model flyknit is made out of recycled plastics, fighting the waste of pastics as well as waste of the production of shoes in general. The flyknit development decreases waste with 60 percent. Nike Grind is the development of a recycled fiber which is now used into 70 percent of Nike’s total apparel range. What exactly is the Nike Grind quality, seems somewhat unclear. But as it is used in many garments, I expect it to be a recycled polyester quality. A good step forward to use a sustainable quality in most of their sports clothes.

Image from Pinterest

What they do with kindness:

To give back to the community and share their successes, Nike is really stepping up the game with supporting society. And they do it in a way they know best: They support sports. They believe sports connect and therefore they offer (financial) support in multiple following ways. I will explain what they do.

Kids – Nike believes kids are supposed to move and to play, in order to be happy, healthy and successful in their childhood. Movement in general will make them able to connect and to develop good concentration skills (which is very helpful in school!) In order to give kids the possibility to do sports, Nike financially supports almost 70 organizations in the US and Europe. They made it possible for 16 million kids to move and play with their funding

Trainers – As supporting kids is important for Nike, so is coaching and training of these kids. In order to make this happen, Nike supports 5.700 employees of their own company to do voluntary work. These employees get the possibility to actively participate in the kids’ sports journey as a coach or trainer. By volunteering in local schools and their communities, Nike Community Ambassadors aren’t just getting kids playing and moving today, they’re inspiring them to be active for life.

Funds & Grants – Nike hands out Scholarships (grants) and funds to improve the possibilities for kids to do sports and to dream. To keep kids moving, to improve their skills and to fall in love with sports, Nike has handed out over $4.5 million on Community funds and $5.95 million in grants to students who chase their dreams. All funds and grants are handed out in the US and Europe.

Review & opinion:

As a fan of their sportswear, I also love their philosophy of dreaming and the implementation of making your dreams come true. It is such a strong vision and I feel the alignment with kindness is good, giving kids the opportunity to chase their dreams – sports wise. The development of sustainable materials is very valuable in order to stay as strong as they are today. But their kindness program could be stronger, I believe.

I do think Nike shows other companies how you can implement kindness into your business with the knowledge you already have. Sports is their focus, so therefore supporting sports and communities is a close call and makes their impact specific. Their kindness program fits their brand perfectly and therefore it adds up to Nike’s branding in general.

So their focus is good, their impact as well. Nevertheless, Nike is one of the biggest players in the industry worldwide, so I do think there is room to grow and to do more. At the moment Nike supports almost 70 organizations to get 16 million kids moving and this could be growing with an active CSR program. I also wonder: why is Nike mostly supporting the kids doing sports & studying in the US & Europe? I understand their headquarters are based there, but I see a brilliant opportunity for Nike to create a change in other parts of the world, where sports and education is even a more rare phenomenon. This will ask for more effort and commitment, but it can really make a huge impact!


This sweat in pastels is so supersoft
Sorry for the serious face;-)
This is my new ultimate favorite sweat! That color makes me instantly happy:)
This top in bright orange made me move (no joke, couldn’t stand still). Very comfortable for running or dancing!
This hoodie and flower legging are from the new collection and I really like it. Perfect for traveling!
Danced through the fitting room
Such a great outfit for AirPlaneMode

What is your favorite Nike-item? And do you wear them casually, to work-out and/or to travel?