Yesss! I will go back to Calais and Dunkerque in April this year. I plan to volunteer with Help Refugees again, but most likely will be working directly for RCK – Refugee Community Kitchen during my stay. I’ve volunteered before in October 2018 and went to help out in the organizations Choose Love store in London last December.

This Easter I will get back to the warehouse in the Northern area of France to help wherever I can. And I may get the chance to get back to the field to personally distribute food or supplies to the refugees – an experience that made a big impact on me last year.

I will definitely collect many donations before I go, and I am already looking into the list of needed goods.

Why with Easter? Well, it’s one of the weekends I have more days off than usual so I won’t need to take off from work and still be able to do something useful instead of just eating for two days;-) Most years, around Easter all we do is eat / brunch / lunch together and it’s lovely. But I feel I can make more impact going to France for four days and I’ll organize a prober Easter brunch on the Sunday after Easter instead.

Feeling like joining? You are welcome too! You can join for Easter or any other day/weekend/week/month just by applying here. Oh and please let me know if you happen to join during Easter:) Would love to catch up / meet you!


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