Yes yes yes, I am super excited to be able to reveal my next travel destination for The Sunshine Journey: Zambia & Malawi. I chose the African continent this time, as this is a new continent for me and I’ve always wanted to go there. Oh and I simply can’t wait! I’ll be going in the middle of June. You will read all about my plans and ideas for the trip here.

As I’ve never been in any African country before, it’s harder to imagine what it would be like. What it will feel, smell or taste like in countires like these. I only have some references of (famous) African dishes to taste or videos I’ve seen online or on TV. But with no doubt I can assure you: this trip will be amazing. The countries will both be beautiful and impressive. The wildlife will hopefully be more extraordinary than I could possibly think of and the colors of the country will blow my mind. I am sure;-)

Where will I be traveling?

Well, at first I’ll fly to the capital of Zambia – Livingstone through Nairobi. I’ll be flying with Kenya Airways (first time). I’ll be visiting Livingstone as from where I’ll be traveling to the Victoria Falls. This amazing wonder of nature is on the border of Zambia with Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls – Mother natures wonder

After visiting the Victoria Falls, I will continue to travel to the north-west side of Zambia, to the South Luangwa National Park. Don’t get me wrong, it is called ‘South’ but it lays on the north side of the country. The South Luangwa National Park is opted to be the best national park of the continent, offering the most incredible wildlife. The wildlife in this park is rich and authentic, so I am dying to go here and see it all. Elephants, rhinos, lots of zebras, buffalos, giraffes, hippos and maybe even lions.

When I’ve seen it all on safari, I’ll be traveling further to Malawi. In Malawi, I will travel around a bit and finishing my trip at Lake Malawi. This amazing blue lake will most probably bring me some sunbathing, water activities and relaxing. From the capital of Malawi, situated close to lake Malawi, I’ll be flying home again through Nairobi.

Where will I be doing?

Both Zambia and Malawi are on the list of world’s poorest countries, positioned place 46 (Zambia) and 5th (Malawi). With no doubt I’ll be supporting these poor countries by visiting and spending my money here. But I am sure there is room for a lot more help. So that’s my aim during this trip.

As part of my journey, I plan to visit multiple projects to help out, to contribute in any possible way and to create exposure. I have many days ahead of my where I’ll be spending time visiting several projects around these two countries. I am exploring these visits at the moment.

As before, I focus on making an impact. I aim to visit small and locally operating organizations, privately owned. I aim to always work with organizations that focus on humanitarian support such as education, health care, food, sanitarian facilities and human rights. In countries like Zambia and Malawi, there is so much to help out with and so much you can do. I will have to make some choices but I am sure I will be able to help out in many ways.

Next to humanitarian development, I’ve spoken on my Instagram lately about the fact I would like to focus more on organizations that protect and sustain nature and wildlife. And therefore I love the fact that wildlife is such a big part of these two countries. I am currently looking online to get in touch with organizations around the South Luangwa National Park, I’ll keep you updated on my research.

But how about the current situation here?

I am fully aware of the fact that the South-Eastern part of Africa got faced with cyclones Kenneth en Idai. This happened in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malawi. A lot of humanitarian help is needed in these areas. I will try to help as much as I can, even though I won’t be traveling to the exact areas that got hit the worst. I am sure I will see some damage and experience effects of these cyclones but I don’t plan to visit the affected area in specific. I aim not to be a tourist of disaster and will try to help in any way I can – even from a distance.

So I would love to receive your tips for Africa

  • What organizations would you recommend to volunteer with or visit?
  • Any good tips on staying (hotels, hostels, home-stays or lodges) in Zambia & Malawi?
  • Do you know any companies that operate (partly) in Zambia & Malawi? I would love to hear about them.
  • Do you know must-do’s, must-see’s or must-go’s? Please let me know!
  • I would love to receive tips on packing for Africa. What to bring with me? I have no clue yet!

Love to hear from you and I’ll let you know more about my trip and plans as soon as I have more to share!


All images from Pinterest – I made a public board with inspiration and links

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