Goodmorning my dear, hope you having a good Tuesday!

I am super excited today as I decided to go for another voluntary trip, this time to Nepal. I am, as we speak, planning the purchase of my plane ticket and sorting out my trip (where to go and where to stay). Nepal is officially the country with the highest amount of people living in poverty in Asia, but a country that is very rich in culture and believe. I am beyond excited ad curious to visit this beautiful country, to help out those in need, to experience the kindness of Nepalese people and to smell the air of the Himalaya. I will go for about two weeks with just my backpack and a Lonely Planet, focussing on working voluntary as much as possible.

It’s my first time to travel alone and the first time I plan a trip fully myself, therefore I could really use some travel tips! What is your best tips for travelling Asia or specifically Nepal?

  • Where to go, what to see
  • What to bring
  • What to definitely eat (any specialties?)
  • Best places to eat, sleep and work
  • Any tips on voluntary projects to visit and to volunteer

Oh I can’t wait to hear you thoughts and ideas! I would love to receive a comment below or a DM via Instagram.

Thank you my dear following crew, I’ll keep you updated on the journey!


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