I feel so fortunate to have seen so many countries this year. To have visited many projects around the world and helping wherever I can. I know it’s not easy for everyone to travel or find the resources for it, but if you get the change: please GO. Make the decision quickly and embrace the adventure as it comes. Adventures don’t always need to take you on a plane 1.000km from home. Adventures and traveling can be wherever you like to go. Here are my reasons to always go on that next adventure.

Always go on that adventure:

Because it opens up your heart

I’ve found so many warmhearted people and kind cultures. I got so much unconditional help and advice. In different places around the world, so many people are more kind to each other than we are here (in more individualistic cultures). I experienced how communities really take care of each other. People dedicate their lives to help others. They save animals for a living or cook food for less privileged every day. I’ve gained more trust in people and found that most people have good intentions with each other. And meeting happy children in different places of the world really melted my heart. Let the kindness of the people around the world surpise you!

Because it makes you feel more alive

Your everyday routine may feel comfortable, but time flies by very quickly. Months or weeks may be over in the blink of an eye then you spend your 40+ hours in the office weekly. And even though you love your job or your business, when you take time to unwind and step back for a little bit – I will assure you, it makes you feel more alive again. Exciting things and new experiences add up to your days and those days add up to your beautiful life.

Because it makes you more thankful

Seeing different cultures, lifestyles, chances and different life expectations allows you to reflect on your own life. From a distance you are able to see more clearly the (good) things that come onto your path and the things you have. I personally felt so thankful after every trip for the chances I got to grow up save and careless, to be able to go to schools and get a degree, to live where I want to and to spend my days the way I like to spend them. Every trip I realize again what I am thankful for in live.

Because it gives you food for thought

Seeing how things are done differently, experiencing other traditions, seeing new cultures, spiritual experiences or discovering religions: traveling gives you food for thought and even can bring you new insights. It makes you grow and gives you things to think about. And if you travel well, you may also find the time to think a lot during your adventure. My tip: take time to think and write down your thoughts whenever you can. The thoughts that come to you during your trip may not come back easily once you’re home. If you can, please take that time now. It’s can be part of the trip.

because it brings you value

I experienced different people, different activities, different ways of traveling and multiple ways to spend my time. It made me realize what I value in my life and during my trips or holidays. Traveling gives you a better insight into what you like to spend your time on and what you give your energy to. This is incredibly valuable for each person to experience and it may change over time so never stop exploring your values on each adventure.

Because it reveals the adventurous side in you

Never thought you would be adventurous? Neither did I. I have been scared of the smallest things – such as high slides, swimming in open water, rocks, heights and so on. But when you go on an adventure that is extra ordinary, you will realize the things you can do or see are once in a lifetime. With that mindset – you only get the chance to do it now – yyou’ll be surprised how adventurous you really are. How many risks you are willing to take to experience new things. Go and surprise yourself;-)

Because it makes you a better person

During my trips, I was able to experience things and get insights that made me grow as a person. It strenghts the impoortance of gvining and kindness, making me willing to do as much as I can. It gave me more knowledge and more trust. Trust in people, trust in companies, trust in faith. I’ve always been a strong believer in faith but during trips, I hold on to it even more. It makes me realize that in the end, it will all be ok. And that makes me calm. All these experiences and insights make me a better person.

Because you get to know yourself better

Each adventure you learn more about yourself and the things you find important. You will realize how you react to circumstances and situations. You learn how you handle being lost or meeting new people. You may find out the amount of alone time you need. What is important to you. What you value most in life.

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Wishing you a beautiful next adventure!