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My #DWmoment was the point when I realized with our knowledge and power we can make this world a better place.

When the moment was…

During my first backpacking trip through Mexico I faced new aspects of the world with my own eyes. I saw life of the less privileged for the first time, meaning I got confronted with how lucky I am with all that I have. But also seeing what life is like if you don’t have it all. I saw what poverty can do with your life and how it changes it. Poverty doesn’t necessarily mean you have an unhappy life, but most lives have different expectations of development, future chances, luck, goals in life and dreams. Things that should be equal for everyone no matter your income.

During a long bus trip in Mexico, I realized we are able to change things. And it would be a dream come true to benefit to better lives and a better world. I then realized I didn’t just want to continue spending my days selling products B2B making millions a year, as I felt this didn’t add up enough for me.

There is so much out there that can benefit from what we have plenty of. Without taking it away from us. There can be benefit from our knowledge. From our power. From our economical development. From the money we already spend. In my opinion, there is no need to change our mindset, just some existing business models and our behaviour.

There is so much we can do with the power, knowledge and money we have these days. With what we have, we can change lives, make dreams come true, save endangered animals, restore nature and make the world a better place for everyone (including every creature). We can make everything happen. I believe we can and I know it’s possible.

But let’s start small. Taking what we have, making the world a bit better. That’s when I started The Sunshine Journey. As it’s my turn to give back.

What this moment did to me…

The Sunshine Journey is based on the exciting Instagram model. It’s a lifestyle and fashion blog and above all it is a platform for brands to promote their CSR activities and for non-profits to show their beautiful work.

The goal of the platform is to always collaborate with inspiring businesses that strive to do better. The Sunshine Journey is the key-partner and the middle man. And the ultimate goal is to share profits and knowledge.

With The Sunshine Journey we have the possibilty to show the power of a sincere and sustainable ambition, and how it can move and inspire others.

You as a follower are leading this platform and you are the community. With this Instagram-community we are able to make a change, together. With our power and knowledge. With our likes and comments, we can move money and support development everywhere. Develop communities, industries and economies. Develop a sustainable future for wildlife and nature. Locally and abroad. We make this world a better place. We are the future.

The future looks good.

My watch is from Daniel Wellington (the Classic Sheffield Rose Gold) and I where it everywhere I go.