Hi dear followers! Hope you are having a good day today:) I hope you reached this blog because you are a natural dreamer and would like to enjoy more time dreaming. Because I personally think dreaming is such a great thing to do, you should do it as often as you can. It makes you grow as a person, motivates and prepares you for your future. And it doesn’t matter what you dream about, because no one can judge your dreams:) Whether you like to dream about a new home, your future job, a love, a new destination you like to travel, business-ideas, your future wedding, a goal you like to achieve, its all good. Know that if you can dream it – you can do it! So dream on my dear, hereby some tips to keep it flowing:

Taking the Train

A lot of people tend to hate public transport or specifically the train, but to me it can be the best dreaming hour of the day. If I sit in a train and the following situation can be created, my day-dreams flow best:

  • I am sitting alone – no friends with me. Stranger can surround me, no problem
  • I have my earplugs and some good – calm – music with me. Or the area I sit in is a quiet zone
  • I have a window-seat towards the destination. With this view my mind get’s dreamy instantly. It doesn’t matter whether we pass buildings or nature, I get dreamy
  • I am in the train during daytime. Otherwise the window-seat has no reason at all;-)
  • The train-trip takes at least 25 minutes. Shorter trips may not get me fully into dreaming

These above situations can be created quiet easily if you are a commuter. I really hope this can become a moment of joy for you too!


Whenever I can, I love to walk and dream as long as I can. It easer my mind and body so much, I feel my energy flowing and dreams going. Here’s how my dreams work best:

  • I walk outside during daytime. I especially love it when the sun is out. Even a little bit brings brightness to my dreams
  • I prefer to walk in a calm area. Nature is perfect for it (the beach, the woods, the dunes , a lake and parks) but also a calm neighborhood works well. As long as I don’t have too much distraction from cars, trams or people
  • I have my earplugs in (again) and have joyful music on. A bit of energy-music to walk in a good phase always work for me
  • It works for me to wear comfortable clothes or work-out clothes, good shoes (really important) and I usually bring a pair of sunglasses or gloves
  • I like to walk as long as possible. in 15 minutes my dreams can start flowing perfectly, so therefore I like to extend my walks in order to extend my dream-time too
  • Dreaming of changing your body? Walking turns out to be one of the best workouts to lose weight;-) No tip, just saying.

The above situation can be created quiet easily if you live nearby nature. If you don’t, make some dream-time a priority in your schedule and go somewhere you can walk and dream.

Coffee bars

I love to scout coffee-places that feed my hunger for dreaming. Here are a few of my requests for the perfect dreamy place:

  • It serves good coffee and plays music from a coffee-playlist (you know those on Spotify, right?)
  • It has a huge window with seating facing towards de window
  • It is daytime and preferably bright outside. No need for warmth, cold wheather can do the work too
  • The coffee place is on a spot where quiet some people pass by. Preferably a corner or crossing. I love it even more when also trams and cars pass by in the background
  • The waiters in this place are not pushy. I love how common that is these days, but you certainly do not need to be interrupted while dreaming away. If they are interrupting often, plug in your music
  • Feel like your dreams come together? It’s satisfying to directly write things down in a coffee-place

The above situation can be created very easily as every small city has multiple choices for good coffee places. Start scouting when you drive around, soon you’ll be dreaming from their window seat.

The shower

The shower might be a very common one and maybe you’ve experienced it already, but to me it’s a perfect place to dream at home. Here’s some of my tips to make it perfect:

  • Make sure you have time to shower. Make it at least 10 minutes. I know it’s precious water consumption but make it a productive time by doing a lot of beauty-rituals during your shower time
  • I like to be alone in the bathroom so I don’t need to talk or get distracted
  • The shower and dropping water itself is a good sound in the background, but you can also tune in some music if you like
  • I like to shower a bit warmer than normal so I start to get dreamy faster
  • Use kind smelling products to give you calmness

The shower works well at home because you can be alone at that time and dream for about 10 minutes. The above situation works also very well for a bath if you have one.

Did you know I got my business idea for The Sunshine Journey while I was dreaming during a long bus-trip in Mexico? I listened to James Arthur while dreaming away between Campeche and San Cristobal de las Casas and got hours to thought through how I wanted to make a change in the world.

I am still so thankful for that moment.

What is your best tip to keep your dreams flowing?


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