Hi there Tuesday! I hope the kickstart of your day has been good. I hope you feel happy and energized to make the best out of today.

In order to do so, for me, my mindset is everything. To get the best out of me and feel happy throughout the day, I like to feel excitement and be productive. Mixing these two factors, make me a happy girl throughout the day.

Feeling excited for something I will be doing that day or a project I am working on, gives me a push of positive energy. I really can go a long way with this push and the excitement gives me a thrill. When I am excited, every aspect of my day feels more like a part of a bigger plan and it’s fulfilling. Even making a lunch in-between, can feel more fulfilling if it helps you achieve your goal, your plan or your project. Being productive has always been my second feeling of fulfillment. I love to get up early, do a lot and make a difference for myself. I’ve always been bad at doing nothing or being lazy so therefore I treat my soul much more with a productive day.

Of course there are moments I don’t feel excited and productive at all. And to change that, is my biggest challenge. To fix my mindset and get my mind in the right direction, I have multiple options to do so:

  • I have a look on my Pinterest account and browse through my ‘motivational’ and ‘live by’ quotes. I simply love a good quote and on Pinterest I love them even more due to the lovely fonts and backgrounds.
  • I focus on my vision-board at home, which I made according to The Secret. My vision-board gives me a clear vision of the goals I like to achieve in life. It always pushes me to go on and to take a next step. I always make sure my vision-board looks really colorful and happy:)
  • I put on a playlist in the morning, focussing on mood ‘Happiness.’ Take a look HERE for my favorite playlists on Spotify. I enjoy my playlist in a soft volume at home during breakfast including a cup of my favorite tea (Champagne Vanilla), my vanilla-scented candles and an omelet.
  • I eat pancakes for breakfast or lunch. I must admit my ultimate favorite meal is pancakes and I always treat myself with pancakes if something special happens. So adding a pancake to my day, makes me instantly a happy kid!
  • I watch a vlog on youtube from one of my favorite bloggers during breakfast. I try to watch vlogs with a positive and happy theme and a interesting topic in order to feel motivated to write/plan/do or go.
  • I go out for a Powerwalk. When the sun is out, I put on some work-out clothes and plug in a podcast or Happiness Playlist. I like to go out to the park for my Powerwalk and take at least an hour off to re-energize. Walking clears my mind and fills my body with energy. The podcast or playlist adds the motivation and this mix gives me a positive mindset when I get home.
  • I go to the gym for a work-out in the morning. I know, getting out of the door is the hardest when you feel unmotivated. BUT, one’s I’ve worked out I really feel my productiveness grows and the energy and fast-phase kicks in positively.

Hopefully, any of these options can be applicable into your routine:)

So, what mindset do you need to feel the happiest? And what do you do to get the best mood out-of-yourself?