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Did you know research found out a woman wears an average christmas-outfit only once or twice? That’s such a waist of a good party outfit! Still, we feel the need for something new to wear in order to have an impressive entrance at the office Christmas party, the family-dinner or while celebrating Christmas with friends. Therefore the idea of ‘resharing your party wear’ came to live.

In the Netherlands, WE Fashion store collaborates with Salvation Army (Leger des Heils) in collecting their customers’ party wear and distributing these to ten second-hand stores from the Salvation Army.  Next to the worn party outfits of their customers, WE donates six limited edition items by David Laport. This collaboration results in more awareness of a circular fashion system and in a financial push for those in need of help from Salvation Army. Interested to buy fabulous party wear from WE x Salvation Army? You will find a list of stores here. The entire ‘Reshare Party Wear’ collection can be bought during the month December.

No Salvation Army store nearby? Find a vintage store or good second-hand shop and brows through their offer of party-wear. Keep in mind items have been worn only once or twice and I am sure you will find a sophisticated, unique and festive party outfit in a second.

Not really into treasure hunting in second hand stores? Call your friends and organize a small party-wear-swop-night! When each of you brings an outfit or two and put them on a pile/rack/table, it’s easy to style a brand new party outfit for Christmas 2018. Oh and don’t forget the accessories such as bows, scrunchies, scarves, jewelry and party shoes to complete the look. Decide in advance whether you both keep your exchanged items or would like to give it in return after the holidays. 

Wishing you a stunning Christmas outfit!