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Is Bali your next holiday destination? Maybe you are longing for paradise, but wouldn’t it also be interesting to do something special during your vacation? Our guest-blogger Suzan volunteered in Bali, Indonesia recently and wrote heartwarming blog about it!

My trip to Bali, Indonesia

I would like to tell you about the voluntary work I did in Bali, Indonesia. When I searched to book a vacation for this year, I didn’t know where to go. I preferred the sun and to just get away from everything. I needed something to look forward to.

When I was traveling through South East Asia back in 2014, I discovered Bawa in Bali. This is an oganization which takes care of animals in need on the island. I figured this was the perfect situation: to help out during my two-week vacation.

BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association)

‘BAWA works to save, protect en improve the lives of all animals in Bali and beyond’. The non-profit organization exists because of donations and mainly volunteers.

The services BAWA provides are:

  • 24/7 hotline
  • Bali’s only free 24/7 animal ambulance service
  • Animal rehabilitation
  • Free sterilization & vaccination programs
  • Daily Street feeding
  • Foster and adoption programs
  • Education in schools & communities
  • Advocacy for better animal welfare

There are many locations in Bali where BAWA is actively working. When I contacted BAWA, they asked me if I would volunteer at the ‘Pengosekkan Puppy House’ in Ubud. Ofcourse I said YES!

Pengosekkan Puppy House

The puppy house is located in the South of Ubud, not too far from the well known Monkey Forest. 

This location is one out of many. Its also part of the network for adoption locations, so people can adopt the animals which stay at this location. When I stayed here, there were about 40 dogs (including puppies) and 4 kittens. The puppies and the kittens stayed in the inside area, and the other dogs stayed outside. Most of the dogs want to go for walks, preferably two times a day (mornings and afternoon). We walked two dogs at a time, as many as possible. After the walks, we would feed the dogs with rice mixed with dogfood. During feeding time some of the dogs were seperated from the rest because of aggresion or would be overmastered by other dogs. During the day I could pet them, play with them, take care of them of just sit with them.

Your job as a volunteer is to give the dogs love and attention and get some of them ready for adoption. Some of them needed extra attention with medication, therapy or getting used to the sound of motorcycles or humans. Some dogs are used to humans and they like to get petted or a good rub on their belly. Other dogs are shy or even affraid of humans. It’s good to let them get used to you. It takes time, so its important to give it time. That’s why BAWA says is best to volunteer at least for a week.

I had an amazing time and it really got to me. You get so attached to the dogs so quickly. Here are some photo’s of my time there:

Free volunteering

A lot of organizations ask for a fee when you want to volunteer. BAWA doesn’t! You can help without paying money. You have to arrange your own accommodation and food. I stayed at a nice Guest House called Dewa Put Guest House. It was a few minutes from the location. There are a few places nearby where you can get food. You can get water in the puppy house all day. 

There are locals who work in day and night shifts, so there is always someone there. A few times a week a vet stops by. When I came, there were two other volunteers. One of them stayed for three weeks, and the other one stayed for one week like me. 

How to help

There are many ways to help the organization BAWA like buying their merchandise, jewelry, giving donations or come and volunteer. On their website you can find more information about this. The e-mail adress you can contact them is 

Hope you will enjoy Bali in this special way like I did!

xxx Suzan

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