Dear readers and fashion lovers, good to see you here again!

September is on its way which means: Fashion Month! Oh I love September; all magazines are full with the latest trends and I like the urge I feel to transform my wardrobe from Summer to Fall style. I DO feel sad to say goodbye to summer clothes though, but luckily I travel a lot which means I can wear them more often;-)

To upgrade your look, it’s good to consider doing it conscious & with kindness. Because there are so many more ways to get that unique look, on-trend yet personal, without leaving out the kind part. Here are my best tips to fill your wardrobe with kind fashion styles.

Fashion pieces

Try to look for (new) fashion-styles on fashion selling sites like United Wardrobe, Vinted or Tise. I use United Wardrobe mostly and the good thing is; so many new fashion styles are offered by like-minded girls. You can filter on ‘NEW’ or ‘Mint condition’ if you don’t like the used/worn vintage style items. As many girls buy online and get wrong sizing, or they buy items for a special occasion and never wear it again, the offer of new and on-trend styles is huge. This way, I like to call them second-chance fashion sites.

I like these apps because you buy styles that are already in the cycle of fashion and this way you avoid buying new styles to grow the pile of clothes we own in this world. You recycle in the most fashionable way, giving clothes a second chance or second life. And did you know, you can put an alarm in the app where they notify you when an item from a specific brand in your size comes online? This way I got my hands on a limited pair of sneakers. YESS!

If you prefer designer fashion pieces, you can also have a look at second-chance fashion shops online. You’ll find the best addresses here.

In stores

If you like to explore a good vintage store or second-hand store, please consider finding your fashion pieces in these stores. If you look good, many items can be found as trends are rotating every 10 years. Fashion items that you are likely to find in second-hand stores: band Tee’s, Denim skirts, Levi’s 501, oversized shirts, leather jackets, big blazers, flower dresses, woolen coats, big shoulder pieces, corduroy items, linen dresses, body tops, sequined party dresses, dungarees, button-down dresses, (faux) fur coats and checked blazers.

Like to know my best tips and addresses to shop Vintage online or in stores? Read my blog on vintage here.


I would recommend buying accessories second-hand or vintage. Accessories stay in good condition most of the time and most styles get back in fashion every 10 years, so there is plenty of offer available. Thinking of vintage or second-hand accessories like scarfs, bags, belts, necklaces, sunglasses, hats, hairpins, bracelets, cowboy boots, caps, rings or vintage sneakers.

In stores

The offer of accessories on apps like United Wardrobe, Tise and Vinted is also quiet good sometimes.


Try to buy your basic and off-seasonal items from conscious and sustainable brands and stores. For instance, go shop at Armed Angels, Verse Good Store, Nudie Jeans, Patagonia, Kings of Indigo, Kuyichi, Filippa K., Matt & Nat, Studio Jux, Toms, Veja or People Tree but also consider ecological options at HEMA, H&M (Conscious) and Zara (#join life). Conscious and sustainable brands are more and more available so keep your eyes open to find the next best basic from a new brand.

Some basics are available in vintage stores as well, especially if you consider Levi’s denim and denim-shorts as basic. You can supply your closet with these good basics for a new season.

Hope you like my tips and consider to shop your Fall/winter wardrobe with more kindness! xx