Good morning dear followers!

I hope you are doing well today:) I’ve been doing good, as I slept really well and watched a movie in the early morning.

As much as I love to inspire others in doing well, I also love to get inspired by others. And therefore I have some favorite persons to turn to, to watch, to read about and to listen to. One of them, I recently discovered, is Rachel Hollis.

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She’s an author of 8 books, some novels, a cookbook and recently two confident-boosting books. Next to that she’s active on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, a well-known TV personality and she has her Podcast ‘RISE podcast.’ Maybe you heard about her already but i didn’t until I discovered her book review of ‘Girl, stop apologizing.’

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She is such an inspiring power woman, focussing clearly on confidence, believing in yourself and achieving your dreams. Her observations of women being in-confident (and apologizing for their behavior) are a true eye-opener. She truly confronts us (women) with the way we make excuses for ourselves and she tells her motivations and changes to make things work. She’s young but achieved a lot in her live already, by changing her mindset. By stopping herself from apologizing and from making excuses. By starting now, not tomorrow or Monday. And I love that confrontation. Because the behavior we mostly show, is not helping us. And having a bit of don’t-give-a-fuck attitude will bring you a long way, without becoming rude or unaccepted. She clearly shows that (with a big smile!).

“Maybe you have been given your mountain to show other people that it can be moved.” – Rachel Hollis

If you like to be inspired and motivated i would recommend you to read one of her two latest books (also e-books), listen to her Podcast ‘RISE’, watch her Youtube channel or to look through Pinterest (where you find plenty of motivational quotes- I could fill this hole blog with them).

Rachel’s Instagram

Rachel’s Youtube Channel

Rachel’s Podcast

Rachels books

Who is your favorite inspirational person to follow? Leave a comment below:)

Have an inspiring Thursday! Lots of love xx


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