Finally, I am back online! It’s been quiet for way too long here. But this was all because my website got hacked. Since November last year, I could not log in anymore. After a long research online and multiple failed tries, I finally, had the right tools to find the Malware build-in into my website. It’s crazy to find out someone got into my back end, placed data into my system and all pages were redirected to a 404 page. Plus, I couldn’t log in anymore as all passwords were hacked. But it’s solved and I’m glad to start updating here again. These past few months haven’t been quiet in business, therefore I’d like to give you a brief insight into some highlights and updating you on the past few months:

1. I got the chance to establish a beautiful long-term partnership between VEGA and Voedselbank Amersfoort (Foodbank). This partnership is flourishing and expanding with new ways to collaborate, support each other, and create stronger foundations for the future.

2. I found my dream job for 16 hours as Business Advisor for the project ‘Business Involved,’ as part of Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam. In this role, I’ll be the business advisor for companies in Amsterdam to start collaborating with a non-profit within the city. Together, we aim for long-term partnerships in which both parties complement each other. Volunteering with your team is part of the collaboration, as is donating knowledge or sharing expertise, supporting the organization with products, or promoting them through your business network. It’s a true dream job, as I can do what I love for a bigger network within the city. I’ve recently been working with companies such as Starbucks NL, BBC Studios, Visma Raet, Adidas, KLM, Heineken, Rituals, and Microsoft.

3. I’ve been talking to many new and interesting partners who would like to take the step into making an impact with their business. Let’s transform ideas into action!

4. I stepped into a new medical program that’s been taking up a lot of my time. But it’s for the better they say, I need to be patient.

5. I grew back into a love for re-doing and up-cycling vintage- and second-hand clothing. I did this before when I studied Fashion. Lately, I’ve spent time in stores looking for items I could transform items into something new and something different. I worked behind the sewing machine (which I truly loveeee) to create unique, one-of-a-kind, yet fashionable items for myself. Let me show you more of it soon, I will post some DIY transformations online. Interested to do the same? My inspiration board on Pinterest is constantly renewed with DIY ideas.

6. I did a course in hairdressing and got the chance to take shifts at the homeless shelter in Amsterdam, cutting the hair of the visitors there. It’s been truly a wonderful experience, as I experienced it’s not about the hair-cutting at all: it’s about the conversation one-on-one, the personal attention, the physical part. It’s been good to hear the stories of those in my chair, realizing their situation could also be ours.

Well, finally I’m back online. I promise to give you updates more regularly now – thank you for keeping up with me and continuously following my (Sunshine) Journey! Keep an eye on my BLOG and General Page to see more updates coming in soon.

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