Good morning my dear followers!

Hope you are having a good morning (or day) so far. I do, thankfully, as I woke up in my own apartment in Amsterdam again and slept really well. I started working early today and will soon be heading off to ‘Oma’s Soep,’ a voluntary project where I’ll be making soup with elder people in an elderly home. Looking forward to that and will show you more about that later!

This morning I drank my coffee from my mug saying ” If you can dream it, you can do it.” A slogan I’ve heard before many times, but didn’t mean as much until I realized how true this saying really is. Because did you know your dreams are always a representation of what you are capable of?

As we are the centre of our own universe, our minds think from that perspective. The mind can only imagine things that we could be or are capable of, because in other ways it can not imagine it. So your mind always puts you as a human in the imagination. The imagination doesn’t have to be realistic though. If you are afraid of paragliding, your mind can still dream or imagine you paragliding. Because you as a person, with your body, are capable of paragliding. It’s just that you won’t do it because of fear. But all the things you are dreaming about or imagining, you are capable of.

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The most beautiful thing with dreaming is the realization that you can actually do it. Some are simple, other realizations are more challenging. Most dreams are possible with overcoming fear, taking chances, taking risks or getting out of your comfort zone. But it still means you are capable of doing it. Everything you dream of, you are capable to do it. Most dreams are just held aside because of fear. Fear for the unknown, mostly. Fear for feeling uncomfortable. But if you are dreaming of something that feels right, there is a reason to chase that dream. Just realizing what keeps you from doing it now, will hopefully make you work to overcome that fear and take the risk.

And if not, maybe the dream is not worth chasing it for you. But just be sure you don’t let your thoughts be let by impossibility (“you can’t do that”, “That’s impossible”) because the fact you can dream it, proves you can do it and it is possible! So whether you dream of running your own business, owning a dog, speaking to someone you secretly like, making a special trip, hiking a mountain, ski-diving or owning a big house with a beautiful family: your mind proves you, you can do it.

Never let your mind stop you from chasing your dreams. Because if you can dream it, you can do it♡ DREAM BIG!


A tip: start a dream-journal if you like to understand what your dreams are and what you can do to make them happen!