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Happy Saturday! Hope you are having a good one. This Kind Style Saturday I’ll be reviewing HEMA. This European retailer offers such a broad assortment of goods, it can be considered as a warehouse. Who doesn’t have HEMA batteries, underwear, photo prints, coffee cups or a lipgloss at home? There is no one I know that doesn’t visit HEMA regularly, and therefore its time to highlight their assortment in ways of kindness.

About HEMA

HEMA is known for it’s very brought assortment and good pricing strategy. They work with recoginazable, bright colors and signature prints. This retail-chain is situated in 10 countries, mostly in Europe. Their offer their collections in the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxenbourg, Austria, Quatar and the Emirates. Their design-office is in Amsterdam and they have three production-offices in Shanghai, Dhaka and Hongkong.


At HEMA they offer a broad assortment of fashion. Think of pants, tops, knits, dresses, shirts, sportswear, lingerie, and swimwear. All items are colorful and comfortable – but most of all – very affordable. Their basics are of good quality and their fashion styles always surprising. They work with a lot of cotton qualities in their collection, which mostly is bio-cotton, organic cotton or responsible cotton. They aim to only offer responsible cotton in their garments in 2020. Next to that they aim for good ethical working conditions in their clothing factories.


HEMA is a wide assortment of fabulous make-up and beauty products, all so pretty and affordable. Not only the products are really good, the packaging always looks fabulous. A good thing to know about all their make-up is the fact they DON’T do any animal testing. Next to their animal-friendly make-up, they recently launched a big line of vegan beauty products. It looks so good, but it also is very good and responsible. And for a valuable price!


HEMA offers a broad range of accessories to finish up your look. They have lots of cute jewelry, bags, swimwear, beach towels, wallets, hats, gloves, stockings, socks, hair accessories and key-chains. Oh and I personally love the stationary assortment too, which can be counted as a accessory for your desk;-)

  • Did you know, HEMA is also the perfect stop to buy a present? Their gift-assortment is incredible and so cute!

Current favorites of the HEMA collection

What they do with kindness

HEMA-foundation – The HEMA foundation is established from the wish to give something back. The foundation is able to support multiple different initiatives to give back. Currently, the foundation is focussing on inclusiveness and language education. They support the VoorleesExpress, an organization that fights against illiteracy. In the Netherlands, this initiative organizes readings for young children who have parents that are unable to provide reading-guidance in the Dutch language. Offering guidance avoids language-problems in their further development and education and includes children into today’s ssociety.


I believe HEMA is a very great and original concern, offering lots of beautiful products and serving every household with its needs. I am a true fan of their valuable, affordable and original products. HEMA is also a very powerful company in my opinion, with a lot of stores and a big online channel. Wouldn’t it be great if they would do more with kindness? Supporting more charities, coming up with more initiatives promoting kindness? Maybe they do smaller things on a local level, but it’s unknown for the public. I feel kindness can be a key-value of HEMA and therefore I wish to see more kind initiatives and development within HEMA. Because I believe they can make the magic happen and it will benefit their strong brand position within the market. Being valuable yet kind, will with no doubt be a winning formula!

Did you know, I have been working at HEMA as an intern at the buying department for ladieswear? I loved it there! Even then in 2010 and 2011, HEMA already integrated bio-cotton and organic cotton in most of its basics. And I‘ve loved the company ever since I worked there.