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I still feel so overwhelmed about the success of the picture being shared multiple times, I could have never imagined it would go that way. This cute Pyjama was bought because it’s sales supports charity – the Princes Maxima Centre for children. Personally, I really love products that raise money for a good cause, plus this PJ totally fits my style.

In the morning I shot a few pictures (after a workout and right before jumping into the shower), to share on my IG. I could have NEVER imagined it would be picked up by HEMA and Chantal Janzen itself. It was really a lucky shot, but I love it happened!

You can find my post on the HEMA website, the HEMA Instagram and it was featured in the IG-stories of Chantal’s Pyjama party. And I got sooo excited! Cool thing were the many reactions of friends and relatives who spotted me in the PJ’s online. I am very happy and thankful to be featured and hope to be able to shoot many more ‘lucky shots’ in the future that will be featured and shared for charity and good causes! Love, E