Hi there lovers! Hope you are having a good day so far:)

These days, with the crazy amount of distractions surrounding us, we tend to focus on mindful living at certain moments in time. I, myself, like to learn mindfulness and take my time to do daily tasks more mindful and speak with people in a focussed way. It just feels more right and the attention on a singular person or task gives me a more satisfied feeling.

But today I also started focussing on a new way of living, thinking and experiencing: HEARTFULNESS. Heartfulness means living straight from the heart, acting from the feeling within. As the heart is the centre of your body, it’s the essential part of your wellbeing. In your heart, you will always feel whole and complete. You are you, happy, thankful and full of trust. You are thankful for your existence and one’s you’ve figured out your purpose, you can shine and show it off to everyone:)

It is key to focus on compassion and connections. Connections with others, with yourself and with your surrounding. Important about living heartful, is to not take decisions out of fear: your fear for the unknown or fear of not having enough. It’s distracting you from the things you love and you easily choose the wrong path. Try to make decisions by thinking of the love that’s behind it. The way it is produced, the person that is behind it, the nature that created it or the animal. By considering these components, you will make decisions with love and more from your heart. Your choices will be more consious and true to yourself. When doing so, you will most probably give your environment, your goods an yourself a better life. And you give that out of love, straight from the heart.

Some tips on how to live heartful:

  1. Surround yourself with love, and love only. let go of negative energy in your daily life. Even if that means taking a step back from certain people, your job or bad habits.
  2. Create a dedicated bond with the earth and nature. Go out into nature, study the processes of seasons, the growth of a flower, the birth of a animal. Your surrounding can do magical things for your heart.
  3. Try to connect with yourself more – get to know yourself better. Love yourself more, respect yourself, accept your flaws and be true to yourself.
  4. Ask yourself: what’s your purpose? What are you here for? The answer upon this question is different for everyone and it will result in a positive effect on love and life. Your purpose will make you shine.

A physical way to open your heart may be to focus on a straight position of your back. This way your heart opens towards the world. Yoga poses which might help you with this are: Garadusana, Gomukhasana, Ustasana, Setu Bandhasana (the Bridge) and Chakrasana (the Weel).

I hope heartfulness will become a focus in your daily routine as well, as it is for me.

Will you try and live with Heartfulness?

*drawing by Amy Christie