I am so excited to finally share this new project with you!

I’ve been working on it for a while already, but from now on I will be online and offline ambassador for Plan Nederland! Plan Nederland is part of Plan International, the non-profit organization that fights for equal rights, fair chances and good living conditions for girls and women around the world. I am so proud to be able to spread the message and girl power of this organization, what they do is incredible.

Plan Nederland

As a online ambassador I will highlight their projects on my Social Media and on the blog, showing you what they fight for and enthusiastically ask you to join and support us reaching the goals of equality. We will come up with small actions that are easy and fun to participate. No hassle, just fun and doing good!

Plan Nederland

I will also be an offline ambassador. In this role I will visit organizations, companies, sport clubs, and (entrepreneurial) girl-groups as a guest speaker to all of them about the projects Plan works on and how the money is spent to make a change. So whenever you would like to fundraise for a good cause – whether you would like to do this at work, with you sports team, run a marathon or you would like to raise money as your own birthday gift; from now on you can invite me to come over and inspire you with the projects of Plan International.

I can’t wait to get out there, spread the word and inspire you to join me in helping the girls all around the world providing a better future. Girl Power!